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Over Easy: Monday Science

Good Morning All!

A wonderfully warm weekend here, almost scary warm. Hit’s 60’s yesterday!

Fukushima Update:

Nothing much happening there, TEPCO is continuing to tread water (for lack of a better term) and from where I sit, things are getting worse. There’s just too much for TEPCO to handle and for whatever reason the JG won’t admit this and ask for help. And OFFERS of help are politely declined.

Meet the robot that could give us our first good look inside the reactors in the search for the corium. There is a lot of new technology in this, including radiation hardening beyond anything we’ve done before. Let’s hope it survives.

Some numbers from the Economist: The failed Ice wall cost 272m. The estimated costs for decontamination just for what they know so far: 422B. Decontaminating to 1 millisievert per year is now considered unrealistic.

People in Japan’s memories seem to be fading about Fuku. A play has been written about that.

The life of a cleanup contractor.

And it’s killing the Fukushima sake producers.

For those of us who like to SCUBA dive or play in the ocean, remember that the proper amount of fish pee is important. What, you thought YOU were the only one peeing in that pool?

An unspoofable quantum smart card credit card! And there’s no security by obscurity, the process for making these could safely be public knowledge.

A new steelmaking process. Lighter, stronger steel with basically the same composition as today! It’s the process that makes the difference.

Supercapacitors made from a kitchen sponge!

The first stars formed much later than previously thought. This is a really interesting subject to me, because we don’t really have a clue about how those stars formed or what they looked like. They COULD have looked like giant stars the size of our solar system. Or the size of our Galaxy! Or they could be disorganized masses of hydrogen, like a cloud, where conditions occasionally allow fusion at various locations. In theory, we might be able to see one. We might be seeing them NOW, just not recognizing them because they’re so dim and distant.

For lack of anything better to do, Creationist Leaders are griping about a superbowl commercial that apparently uses evolution to sell cruises.

The Creation Museum Noah’s Ark project was denied Taxpayer funds to promote their Pseudo science. So being good Americans, they’re suing.

The creationists can’t even leave ESPN alone.

We are beginning to understand the communication of the Humboldt Squid. This is good, because this squid is one of the very few confirmed man eaters. I sure hope they’re saying something other than “You are crunchy and good with ketchup”.

Boxturtle (Entertainment Scientists Warn Miley Cyrus Will Be Depleted by 2013. How the hell did I miss this one for so long?)

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