REQUEST: Video of a Debate- Establishment “Vaccinators” vs. the Free and Fully Informed “Consenters” UPDATE-

UPDATE-found an indication of what the debate might look like

This is the Autism/vaccine version of Lanny Davis attacking Jane Hamsher for forwarding facts by claiming a personal attack, it’s what happens when the facts are not on your side, very nice

The world standard on vaccinations is free and fully informed consent, not forced vaccinations. The standard does not require immunization for school attendance. They have fared as well as the countries who force PHARMA’s vaccinations on children. I could be persuaded that we as Americans should be forced to accept some injections that PHARMA/the Politicians they have bought require if I heard the challenges forwarded and addressed by those who forward that people should be informed and are not forced into  medical treatments by PHARMA.

REQUEST: Please post a diary forwarding the debate where a PHARMA/the Politicians they bought  Expert vs an expert who would alleges  that vaccines are not:



3) that mandatory vaccinations are proven to be more effective than free and informed consent vaccinations as the standard

4) that the vaccination system is not made better by ongoing  debate/questioning

5) that variations of the timing and/or number of vaccinations might benefit by the questioning/actual debate

I have searched and can find no debate, nothing in the MSM. Why do people feel so strongly about advocating that the GOV/PHARMA’s assertions about vaccines and there efficacy/safety are so definitive that debate on the issue is bad. this is an evolving medical discipline we are talking about!

Those who advocate that vaccines are so safe and effective, well researched  that they should  be immunized against challenge. Their assertions place the burden on them to conclusively prove that their are no legitimate questions. They can’t and don’t even try. Their argument is really “Trust the Government?PHARMA they have said it so it must be so, that you still would have the audacity to question their narrative and doing so makes you a poor parent who needlessly puts your child’s health in jeopardy. Those bad parents need to be forced by law to inject their child as PHARMA requires. Finally, we, the establishment defenders, as proof,  assert that they have said it enough times so it must be true to corroborate our assertions of said facts.

What sparked the current non-debate is the assertion of those who wish to throw-away the universally accepted standard of fully informed, free(not Forced even for school attendance) vaccinations that there is a “crisis” because a few children got mildly ill from measles and recovered. (video 2)Much like Iraq and WMD it is a completely fabricated “crisis”

On the Iraq Crisis, no time for debate/we have already had the  debate, mushroom cloud, kick the WMD inspectors out NOW! and keep repeating WMD/ IRAQ/9/11  and ridicule all those who challenge what we have said as Saddam lovers and haters of freedom!

On the Measles Crisis, no time for debate/we have already had the debate, mushroom cloud of measles, kick the challengers out of the picture NOW! and keep repeating Measles/out break/ unvaccinated and ridicule all those who challenge what we have said as science deniers and haters of reasonable health practices.

Why vilify parents whose only motivation is the health of their children.

The video  above demonstrates that there is no regulation/oversight of PHARMA/Vaccines. The opposite is occurring. The FDA, the  regulatory agency ver PHARMA/vaccines is just another branch of  PHARMA. The FDA protects PHARMA and its monopoly from any challenges from legislation or those who would compete with more effective or cheaper generic drugs.

In the excellent exposure of the evil that is the FDA. The Doctor developed a non toxic treatment for brain-stem Glioma , the worst of of the childhood cancers, universally fatal. The Doctors non toxic treatment was proven effective  “Through FDA approved trials” the gov’s head of cancer research said” it’s a miracle, I have never seen anything like it”. Then the FDA sought to jail/put him out of business for big PHARMA. The Judges,patients and jurors of his previous persecutions going to the next trial, then the next………………..then the next.

They continued to radiate and Chemo, to death, those children. It’s great video if you dont watch at least catch at  102.20minutes-    for 4 mintes, it defines the issue.

Those in opposition should ask- Why am I so offended that people are challenging  the efficacy, safety of vaccines? Especially if I consider the recent  actions of my government on other issues? Maybe it’s OK to ask question, maybe it would be reasonable to ask your gov to prove it, through debate where their Iraq like assertions can be challenged.



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