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Video: Why Accept, Without Question, PHARMA’s Vaccine Claims?

They claimed that Saddam had WMD and was on the verge Nuclear Bomb Capability. At the time they had preformed over 600 unfettered on-site investigations to prove, to the world, that he possessed WMD. It was not possible that they believed that Saddam had stockpiles of WMD, but they said they knew with absolute certitude that he did have, and they knew where they were. After it was proved they lied there was no accountability, their narrative that it was reasonable to have  asserted that he, without doubt, had stockpiles of  WMD and is was reasonable to have made such claims. The informed patriots who dared to challenge the false claims or demand accountability for said false claims after the Iraq tragedy were ridiculed, belittled and branded as unpatriotic,  Saddam loving, freedom hating liberals. They effectively stopped any opposition to that unjust war by attacking anyone who LEGITIMATELY questioned all aspects of that debacle, before and after.

Yet, you believe, without question, that the same people on vaccinations who ridicule, belittle those who are LEGITIMATELY concerned about the well being of their children, because of the facts.Why would you believe the Government  instead of these parents. Like the Iraq war  there was substantial good cause for concern, those expressing  concerns are attacked.

This is the same playbook they use for everything. Crush any dissent, opposition.

We are quickly moving to a society where asking reasonable questions of your government is not allowed. In the case present, they want no discussion and will avoid real debate at any cost . They opt for making declarations of certitude, like on Iraq, that they could not possibly believe are true. As in the claim that Saddam had WMD despite the overwhelming facts that indicated he did not. Hereto, on vaccines,  claims  that are blatantly false, are accepted as fact by those who likely did not oppose the Iraq war either.

Much like the major defense contractors like General Electric(MSNBC) forwarded a false narrative advocating for war they also forward a false narrative on vaccines-is that so hard to understand. They can kill 5,000 american men and women, a million Iraq Men women and children, on a false narrative to benefit the Military Industrial Complex but are so concerned about  doing the right thing on vaccines despite PHARMA’s wishes. Wake the fuck up! What will it take to make people understand that your government will act in your interests when required to, not because you wish that they would.

The correlation between selling the Iraq war and vaccines is apparent. The deference to the assertions big  PHARMA has made about vaccines which they make billions off of and the assertions by MIC on Iraq is clear. The MIC (GE) through its MSNBC branch crushed decent by getting rid of Donahue because he did not fully advocate war, they bought Jesse Venture, the leading antiwar advocate, into five year contract in which he was supposed to have a show addressing war but they just paid him and effectively kept his anti-war voice silenced- thats “progressive” MSNBC. Hereto the vaccine concerned parents, experts are kept from the public square, not invited to the debate-there is no debate-like Iraq-by design, not because there are not LEGITIMATE  issues. They demonize the anti-war, vaccine concerned parents claiming everything has been so well researched, so conclusively proven by the MIC/Big PHARMA  that to ask questionsit  is a sign of some disorder that would preclude the need to address those concerns in any way. Like Iraq.

What they will not do, like on Iraq, is have a real debate between those with concerns about vaccines and those who claim that the efficacy and safety of vaccines have been proven so conclusively that any debate would be detrimental to all- like Iraq and WMD. If they get away with the claim that those concerned, informed parents who have unanswered questions that challenge the governments unsubstantiated claims about vaccines safety, efficacy then they will be able to stop challenges/debate on any subject.

In the video the GOV’s main man refuses to debate his highly qualified adversary on Democracy Now. His claims as to why he refused are indicative of why the government/PHARMA/MSM refuse to  allow any debate-again I go back to Iraq to demonstrate it is part of the playbook.

That, like on Iraq, the american people do not require any debate on vaccines, despite the overwhelming evidence that such debate is imperative to understand the issue, instead  they just accept as fact PHARMA’s good intentions. They are comfortable that the regulatory agencies are not bought and paid for by PHARMA and that, as with the 90 day GMO corn study proving all is well and supporting the contention that any challenges are to be disregarded, out of hand, as such allegations are from the lunes.

If Iraq is any indication we are  required to count on PHARMA, not question anything they forward, accept it as gospel and hope for the best. Like Iraq.

Despite the facts and our protests we were forced into the Iraq war , our challenges rejected out-of-hand. They are now trying to force us to , without question, to allow PHARMA, the supreme power, to  override parental concerns  in dictating the what and when of vaccines as it relates to our children. That you would believe PHARMA is going to make better decision for a child than the parent, without debate?! Fuck off and go support another Iraq war with your complacency, but please don’t disgust me with your unquestioning support of PHARMA’s plan for my child.

Instead try to get informed for once, demand a debate, you might learn something. Why do they refuse to debate?


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