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Video: Obama the Drug Warrior Demands “Increase Drug War Funding to $28,600,000,000.00”-to Prosecute the War

So that is what causes addiction.

Since states are legalizing the drug war’s favorite target, small amounts of marijuana,it is difficult to understand Obama’s request to increase drug war spending. We need to persecute the drug war in a more substantial way requiring substantially more money be taken from other discretionary spending programs. He holds many distinctions; Dramatically increased war fronts, increased persecution of whistle blowers, increased persecution journalists, increased employment of Wall Street in his administration, increased military spending, increased government secrecy, increased spying on American, increased corporate control of healthcare………..I am even starting to bore myself ………..

Increasing drug war funding is right in line with all his other right-wing policies. I am just waiting for some clown to praise for his “I’m acting like I am standing up to the  Republicans after six years. I will help you by letting them repatriate their money at virtually no tax benefit, but I tried. I reformed the tax code to lower corporate taxes to help you. We have seen this before, it’s more boring than me and that says something.


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