Remember the days when children longed to get the measles? Yes, “the measles” was the infection of choice of kids in the know. From the Donna Reed Show to the Brady Bunch we see children rejoicing at the prospect of avoiding school for a few days. Unfortunately, today’s children are denied that right of passage. As anti-Vaxxers we say, were with the Bradys.

Those who vaccinate, the supporters of Big PHARMA, care little about my child’s right to build his/her immune system through a mild case of measles. The vaxxers are the consumers of GMO products, Flu shots and healthcare that comes in a pill. To the vaxxers I say, leave me in peace, you attempts to convert the Mickey Mouse Measles into a health crisis because some kids got mildly ill and strengthened their immune systems in the process should not make you lose sleep at night.

It should make you question the measles hysteria. It should make you question who benefits from mandatory vaccinations? Why did the number of vaccinations rise so dramatically in the last 40 years? As big PHARMA has forwarded  the concept that almost all kids need some sort of pill, everyone needs more pills,more often the sheep have grazed on those pills

Their anti-vaxxer demonization has a few big problems

1. the more educated you are, the more you have researched vaccines the more likely you are to not vaccinate? Doctors have one of the highest non vaccination rates of any group. Orange County California, a very affluent area, has the lowest vac rate in California- so they try to brand them as meditating lunes who care little about their children rather than the caring informed parents they are.

The Ebola vax, it’s ready!

Have you seen the children suffering, the deaths the anguish of the parents on the TV recounting the horrors of their child’s devastating  measles episode? Why Not McSheep?

Reefer madness, vaccine madness, Measles madness, just madness