The US Senate has passed a resolution, along with passing other pieces of effluent, which acknowledges Climate Change.

However (and there is always a “however,”) the Senate, while busy passing many things, did not address the Root Cause of Climate Change.

This is excellent news, the best news ever! Now the Senate (Totally R) and House (Majority R) can address government actions towards mitigating the Results of Climate Change (ROCC). Why deal with the actual problem, when you can manage the results?

Government funds will now be made available to address beach erosion, especially in the Poorest Neighborhoods on the planet, the Beach Fronts of the Hamptons, Newport Beach, California and various beaches in Texas, (Houston, we have a problem) where the poor Oil Companies’ Refineries are threatened by rising sea levels.

You will doubly be pleased to learn the Peoples’ taxes, and Government Expenditure will be directed to these needy parts of our society, because as we all know their greed need is infinite.

This new public ass-istance program, will inevitably, have to be funded under the Republicans “offset” programs, by cutting unnecessary, frivolous expenses in other programs.

Programs under active re-consideration, as proposed by Minority Southern Rebels and supported by the almost White House include, the Grand Bargain, Social Security, Medicaid, the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program and unemployment payments, because these funds will be redirected to those who are more deserving, and will share their funds with the other needy persons, probably by asking them to bring their own shovels and wheelbarrows to move the sand to the preferred locations.

All of these efforts will be under the direction of the ever effective and vigilant US Army Corps of Engineers (especially after their stunning success in Slum Clearance in New Orleans).

Isn’t it wonderful the US Government is now authorized by congress to address the effects of climate change, while completing ignoring the root cause?

Doesn’t it warm the cockles of your heart to know these impoverished billionaires and millionaires are now the beneficiaries of these asset protection funds, especially when it can result in rewarding the guilty rich, while punishing the innocent poor?

And you, you believed the Senate was looking out for its constituents in making this acknowledgement! Good News, you were correct! Are you happy? You’re getting what you voted for…