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The Roundup for February 3rd, 2015

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Top of the morning! Got more music planned for this month and I’m excited!

International Politics


– Prabir Purkayastha, an activist, joins The Real News to highlight the consequences of American and Saudi imperialism in the Middle East

– Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said a deal between Iran and P5+1 is very close to be done

Middle East

– After seeing photos of its food aid in boxes of the Islamic State, the United Nations said it was concerned and would verify the authenticity of the photos

– An Iraqi official praised the U.S.-led airstrikes for stopping ISIS advancement in the oil-rich province of Kirkuk

– After seeing one of its pilots burned alive in a cage by ISIS, Jordan vowed to strike back against the terrorist group


– Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi is a corrupt authoritarian figure, yet an ally for Western states

– A Libyan official warned the U.S. that ISIS would use Libya as its central hub for operations

– American officials say, as a result of a U.S. air strike, a senior leader of al-Shabab was killed in Somalia.


– Attorney Dimitri Lascaris joins The Real News to explain the mindset of Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufaki amid European uncertainty

– The International Court of Justice ruled neither Croatia nor Serbia committed genocide against each other in the 1990s

– Mark Weisbrot: “The Message of Syriza’s Victory

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

 Excellent analysis over at The Nation on what is happening with the death of Argentinian prosecutor Alberto Nisman and whether his allegations are true (spoiler: doesn’t look like it)

– By the way, warrants for the arrest of Argentinian President Cristina Kirchner and Foreign Minister Hector Timerman were found at Nisman’s home.

Surveillance Planet

– The Justice Department’s Inspector General Michael Horowitz said it was difficult to work with whistleblowers when the FBI is actively seeking to silence them

Financial Matters

– The Obama administration’s potential tax on offshore cash owned by U.S. companies may sound good, but there’s a few caveats to watch out for.

– Russian President Vladimir Putin: We need the $3 billion loan to Ukraine to be paid in order to stop our economic crisis

– Organizations like the World Bank may say things are better now than before, but that is not saying much.

– Uber is saying its presence in cities is reducing drunk driving accidents despite evidence not saying that whatsoever

Labor’s a-Brewing

– In their second day protesting, United Steelworkers union workers are looking to win more benefits from large oil companies

Politics US

Washington USA

– Gallup: Massachusetts was the most supportive state for President Barack Obama, while Wyoming was the least supportive

– Jason Leopold: “DOJ Probe Into Alleged Senate and CIA Torture Report Crimes Is Shrouded in Secrecy

– Pew: Seven-eight percent of Americans view the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) favorably

– President Barack Obama believes Republicans would find good ideas in his proposed budget

Anytown USA

– Natasha Lennard: “Protests are not terror, but police are treating them like it

– Great to hear a New York Police Department officer was indicted for stomping on top of a man in Brooklyn

We Don’t Need No Education

– Gallup: Younger students (in this case those in the 5th or 6th grade) are more confident of finding a good job than those in high school

– Bassem Youssef, the Egyptian satirist whose show was removed last year, will be joining Harvard University as a fellow

Top Gun (Stories)

Part one of three with writer Charlie Cobb who explains the impact of guns with movements in the South during the 1960s.

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– The Department of Agriculture will be cutting down inspections of pork, which is making inspectors angry

– Jessica Valenti: “Your feelings about vaccines don’t trump another child’s medical reality

The Second Sex

A new study found college and universities increase reports of sexual assaults on their campuses when there are federal audits

Planet Earth

– The Environmental Protection Agency said building Keystone XL would harm the planet and add to climate change

– Borneo, one of the largest islands in the world, will see one in three species living there live in smaller habitats due to climate change.

– It should be noted, nay highlighted, how conservationists may move for conservation only to expel locals from their land

– Residents in California cut water use by more than 20 percent, but more needs to be done.

Mixed Bag

– Fascinating research found cockroaches can be different in their personalities

– Harper Lee, noted for her only work titled To Kill a Mockingbird, will soon release another book.

Sixty-one percent of Iowa Republicans say Mike Huckabee was wrong to criticize the Obamas for allowing their daughters to listen to Beyonce

Break Time

Pimps (Freestylin’ At The Fortune 500) [The Coup]

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