(I’d originally opened with this photo-shopped image of Jeff Roorda’s right hand covered with blood, his prohibited-by-the St. Louis PD ‘I am Darren Wilson‘ bracelet just above it.  I’ve decided that it’s gratuitously hideous, and given that there is a compendium of horrific true-life images that I would like readers to look at in the near future, I’m removing the Tweet embed.)


On the evening of Jan. 28, there was a public meeting arranged by Alderman Terry Kennedy to hear comments on a pending civilian St. Louis police oversight review board bill; there were rumors afloat that many Police Union officers would attend, and object to the ‘need’ for such a board.  The local Twitterverse called for #BlackLivesMatter activists to rally there in support of the Citizen Oversight Board; they did.

About an hour into the meeting, yet another Peace Officer was testifying to there being no need for such a thing, and there indeed were a few grumbles heard from the audience, as all of them seemed to be reading from the same script.  Irony alert:



Nope; clearly Roorda just grabbed her and man-handled St. Louis resident Cachet Currie’s arm, and knocked her over, while the other cops in green shirts clapped and cheered, as in:  “One for the home team!”

(SeanJJordan has a good Twitter Storify of the evening’s events here.)

Now Bassem Masri, who had been LiveStreaming the meeting, admitted that his invective toward Roorda got a bit heated after the incident.  In his defense, clearly Roorda IS a flaming bully, a racist liar, and should have been arrested for assault.  (The truth is always the best defense.) Bassem later wrote ‘Jeff Roorda has gone too far’.  One of Roorda’s friends jacked Masri’s iPhone, but he got it back eventually, through a tip from…another cop.  This is one of my all-time favorite TwitterPics:

But wait!  Roorda was the victim here!  From St.LouisToday.com:

‘Roorda said he was nearly knocked down as he tried to reach the podium to talk to Kennedy.

“As I tried to make my way up to the podium, several protesters blocked my path,” he said. “The woman started stomping my feet and kicking my shins. I pushed back. The crowd just surged at me. I was just trying to stay on my feet.”

He said he was considering filing an assault report against the woman Thursday.

Roorda also defended his right to wear an “I Am Darren Wilson” bracelet as an expression of free speech and said he didn’t realize it would upset people.

“There were people wearing ‘Hands up, Don’t shoot’ T-shirts, perpetuating this myth, yet no one complained about that very visible expression,” Roorda said.

“They’re wrong about what happened, but they have a right to wear that shirt.” [snip]

The police are not the problem here. Police are shooting back when people try to kill them,” he said. “The problem is people are trying to kill police. Young black men have such a hopeless life they think turning to that kind of violence is a rational decision.”

In all fairness to Roorda, there were other cops who claimed on Twitter that some of the anti-police radicals’ children had been crawling across the floor and biting their coply ankles, so…there is that.

So who is Jeff Roorda, aside from being the boss of the police union?  Let me borrow from activist and reporter Shaun King:

‘Jeff Roorda isn’t new to controversy and corruption though. What’s disturbing and perplexing is that he’s the man white (white and black officers have different unions) St. Louis police officers have chosen to represent them. How telling is that?

In 2001, he was fired as a police officer in the St. Louis suburb of Arnold, Missouri, for falsifying reports in 1997 and again in 2001. Roorda lost an appeal of his termination in the Missouri Court of Appeals in 2004 when it was deemed that he did indeed falsify reports. In spite of being fired for police misconduct in 2001, Roorda was hired as chief of police in neighboring Kimmswick, Missouri, the following year.

Two years later, in 2004, Roorda ran for and won a seat in the Missouri state House of Representatives, where he soon was placed on the statewide Public Safety Committee. In 2005, Roorda wrote House Bill 396, which would allow police officers to—and this is an exact quote from his bill—”collect hazardous samples without court approval, document and then destroy them, and make them admissible.” While it didn’t pass, it is a shocking peek into the mind of Roorda 10 years ago.

In 2012, Governor Jay Nixon campaigned for Roorda.

In 2013, police assaulted a teenager in handcuffs, but were found not guilty—with the support of Roorda, working in a new capacity as an executive with the St. Louis police union.’

The COB bill seems likely to be passed into law, especially as Mayor Francis Slay has taken the unusual step of adding his name in support of it.

But oh, no; Roorda and his Merry Band of Thugs are not taking this lying down, no sirrie.  They’ve hired a well-known lobbyist ‘with deep knowledge of City Hall’ (hroom, hroom) to fight for their rights, and Roorda has made a few dire threats.
From Stltoday:

‘Jeff Roorda, a police union official, said on Thursday that St. Louis police officers will quit the department or do only the bare minimum on patrol if the city creates the kind of civilian oversight board currently being proposed.

“They’d answer their calls when they got them, but as far as interrupting criminal behavior on their own, why in the world would they do that when their employers aren’t even supporting them?” Roorda said.

“They would be incredibly reluctant to do their jobs,” he said, “and St. Louis would be a much more dangerous place than it is now. Nobody wants to be the next Darren Wilson.

Wouldn’t that be a blessing?  Gosh, just like the NYPD’s ‘work slowdown’ played right into the demands of anti-police brutality protestors there?  Bratton finally admitted it, remember?  But wot ho with Commissioner Bratton in recent days?  You likely know that post-slowdown, the cops issued tickets in a frenzy, perhaps: because city revenues. 

But this news came into my Inbox a couple days ago from CCR Justice: ‘NYPD Commissioner Bratton compares Black Lives Matter protests to Paris and Mumbai terrorist attack’:

NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton announced that the 350-officer Strategic Response Group unit, armed with machine guns and other special weaponry, has been “designed for dealing with events like our recent protests, or incidents like Mumbai or what just happened in Paris.”

Mayor Bill De Blasio, who is reported to have signed off on the Commissioner’s new unit, gained exposure as a Public Advocate by proclaiming himself in support of the Occupy movement’s general aims, and insisting that then-mayor Michael Bloomberg not act to suppress it. But now in office, the De Blasio administration is asking the Second Circuit Court of Appeals for the express authority to engage in the mass arrest of protesters when they take to the streets peacefully.’

Well, well, so much for the Liberal Mayor….guess he ain’t about to fire Bratton’s ass and airmail him back to the Queen. Or even to Kfar Saba in Israel, where the NYPD has it’s own branch office.  Smile, Bill!  (And apparently in LondonLyonsHamburgToronto, aaand Tel Aviv.

One might guess that Billy’s new elite anti-terrorist troops™ might have gotten a bit of pushback, and it does seem he’s walking it back already…or not.  From the Gothamist:

NYPD: Fine, Maybe We Won’t Police Protests With Machine Guns’:

‘According to the Daily News, Chief of Department James O’Neill made the announcement today at a press conference after an NYPD promotions ceremony. “They will not be involved in handling protests and demonstrations. They’ll have no role in protests. Their response is single-fold. They’ll be doing counter-terror work. They’ll be assigned to different posts throughout the city.”

Previously, Bratton made it crystal clear that this heavily-armed new unit was initially intended to police protests, such as those that came about because of grand jury decisions in Ferguson and Staten Island: “The officers will have the dedicated mission of protecting locations (and) being able to assist us in dealing with demonstrations,” Bratton said yesterday.

So…that’s comforting? Now instead of machine guns, political activists just have to worry about deafening sound cannons, pepper spray, police batons, circulation-cutting handcuffs, and regular ol’ handguns.’

Yes, but most Rabble dissenters have already been deemed ‘protestors by DHS, et.al.   I’m sure it was just a coincidence, given that the Official #ClaimMalcolmXDay is scheduled for May 19, but folks in Harlem went out for #MalcolmXDay yesterday, and #NYersAgainstBratton had a bit of fun in Harlem.

Please read the City Limits link on Bratton’s ‘Predictive Policing’ and Total Domain Awareness program below when you have time.  It’s the wave of the future…unless we stop it. It is indeed shiver-inducing.  Congress wasn’t quite willing to create and fund the Total Information Awareness System nationally a decade ago, and is now going about it piecemeal.


Extra bits and bobs for those highly interested in police darkness; I certainly am not one of them./s

Moar Police Union Freedom Fighters™: in Newark, New Jersey:

Newark police unions say civilian review board plans would violate state law’.  Well, they can hope it’s so.  Keep the pressure on, folks.  A federal monitor is about to be named for the NPD.

Some readers may remember ChéPasa’s occasional comments and links to ‘Killology’.  In this article from May 2009, ‘Expert details how to prevent school shootings’ Ret. Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, the developer of the ‘Killology’ explains that following a 1998 school shooting during his time living in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

‘Those experiences prompted him to form “Killology” (killology.com), a new field to understanding violent crimes with emphasis on preventing children from killing other children.’

He apparently hadn’t quite developed the ‘Wolves, Sheepdogs, and Sheep’ construction at the time, but he does indicate that teachers should be the Sheepdogs, and profiles ‘the Wolves’ just as one might expect.

One might wonder whether Missouri legislators had been instructed by the ‘Warrior Scientist’ by osmosis, or more directly?  Who can say?  But in September 2014 they passed a law “to help train ‘school protection officers’ (any teacher who takes a gun to school) ‘in handling firearms, expand open-carry rights”, although ‘a more far-reaching measure that sought to nullify federal gun control laws had died in the final hours of the legislative session in May.’

Charges Dismissed Against Joseph Weekley, Cop Who Fatally Shot Sleeping 7-Year-Old’  (after Aiyana Stanley-Jones was killed in 2010 during a botched police raid at her home)

‘Ramarley Graham’s Family Gets $3.9M In Settlement With City’


Oh, see the fire is sweepin’…our very streets today…burns like a red coal carpet, Mad Bull has lots its way:


From the Village Voice, music from D’Angelo’s Black Messiah:

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