(Yes, it was apparently photo-shopped….or was it?)

On the evening of Jan. 28, there was a public meeting arranged by Alderman Terry Kennedy to hear comments on a pending civilian St. Louis police oversight review board bill; there were rumors afloat that many Police Union officers would attend, and object to the ‘need’ for such a board. The local Twitterverse called for #BlackLivesMatter activists to rally there in support of the Citizen Oversight Board; they did.

About an hour into the meeting, yet another Peace Officer was testifying to there being no need for such a thing, and there indeed were a few grumbles heard from the audience, as all of them seemed to be reading from the same script. Irony alert:



Nope; clearly Roorda just grabbed her and man-handled St. Louis resident Cachet Currie’s arm, and knocked her over, while the other cops in green shirts clapped and cheered, as in: “One for the home team!”

(SeanJJordan has a good Twitter Storify of the evening’s events here.)

Now Bassem Masri, who had been LiveStreaming the meeting, admitted that his invective toward Roorda got a bit heated after the incident. In his defense, clearly Roorda IS a flaming bully, a racist liar, and should have been arrested for assault. (The truth is always the best defense.) Bassem later wrote ‘Jeff Roorda has gone too far’. One of Roorda’s friends jacked Masri’s iPhone, but he got it back eventually, through a tip from…another cop. This is one of my all-time favorite TwitterPics:

But wait! Roorda was the victim here! From St.LouisToday.com:

‘Roorda said he was nearly knocked down as he tried to reach the podium to talk to Kennedy.

“As I tried to make my way up to the podium, several protesters blocked my path,” he said. “The woman started stomping my feet and kicking my shins. I pushed back. The crowd just surged at me. I was just trying to stay on my feet.”

He said he was considering filing an assault report against the woman Thursday.

Roorda also defended his right to wear an “I Am Darren Wilson” bracelet as an expression of free speech and said he didn’t realize it would upset people.

“There were people wearing ‘Hands up, Don’t shoot’ T-shirts, perpetuating this myth, yet no one complained about that very visible expression,” Roorda said.

“They’re wrong about what happened, but they have a right to wear that shirt.” [snip]

The police are not the problem here. Police are shooting back when people try to kill them,” he said. “The problem is people are trying to kill police. Young black men have such a hopeless life they think turning to that kind of violence is a rational decision.”

In all fairness to Roorda, there were other cops who claimed on Twitter that some of the anti-police radicals’ children had been crawling across the floor and biting their coply ankles, so…there is that. {More}

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