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Democracy Now Video:The Syrizian Revolution- The First Occupy Success

Democracy Now bringing on the Greeks to edify us with an accounting of how Syriza is challenging the ruling class, the oligarchs, the 1%. The Greeks were sold out to Goldman Sachs by their corrupt rulers, a conspiracy that tripled, quadrupled then accelerated Greece’s National Debt to unsustainable levels. The Banksters then transferred all that debt that could not be repaid to the IMF, European Bank and Euro-governments. Those governments should be held responsible, by their voters, for assuring the Bankster’s profits by transferring those bad loans to their taxpayers.

That is going to be a big problem……for them. Syriza is likely to inspire the world’s masses to reject the “investor class” economics for a more broad-based format that takes the interests of people, the nation first- investors will still have one of the biggest seats at the table, not the only seat. The Spaniards will be the first  test. They have already seen their anti-austerity party starting to threaten the ruling class. 18 months ago Syriza was polling in the single digits.

The ruling class of corporations/politicians/ The 1% /Main Stream Media, one entity for all intent and purpose, have lost so much credibility with the masses, credibility that is almost impossible for them to regain. Like a serial child molester, their cries of repentance will fall on deaf ears-we simple don’t believe them because we have brains!

The  birth and ascension of The American Syriza Movement that rejects an economy that only values and serves the investor class, to the detriment of all others, is inevitable.  That movement is likely forward workers interests, quality of life issues, universal healthcare, free higher ed, ect.

Way back when if you wanted to incorporate in a state you were required to demonstrate in your request for said incorporation that if granted it would be good for the state. Mr. Rockefeller, Robber Baron Rockefeller did not want comply with that requirement and was willing to offer a certain sum to avoid having the requirement of being a positive economic force  in the state- and so was born the Corporate Tax.

The American Syrizian Movement would most likely and effectively manifest itself through effectively tea-partying the Democrat Party. The movement that looks to displace not fix the Democrat party. That is smart enough to use the machine against the corporatists and their hand-maidens in congress.

One thing we are assured of is that the political elite( politicians/ corporations) will continue to lose credibility. The question is when will our standard of living/future for our kids  compel us to right the ship of state in our favor. the sooner the better. I long to be a part of that, I believe a majority of Americans feel the same way.

We have message for our masters “We are all Syrizians” – ” the days of honoring yourself will soon be at an end” -Gladiator

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