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Video:Syriza a Rare Game Changer-A Challenge to the Money Masters Cabal

Syriza, the Greek left, has the potential to be a rare game changer for the world. In flipping the bird to the Banksters, Greece may join Iceland in freeing it’s people from decades of austerity, generations long debt burden and negative interference by those whose only interest is to exploit  your people/natural resources. The Danes should receive an honorable  mention for making the banksters eat their bad investments and suffer additional tax an regulatory burdens as response to their conduct in the financial crisis.

This is like the Mafia, no one leaves/defies the “family” of banksters. Retribution for defiance will be harsh, coordinated and sustained. Unfortunately for the banksters they were engaged in such harsh, coordinated and intended to sustain the brutal austerity/resource stripping policies it forwards on every country they “help!”. That forced the Greeks and Icelanders to act with the righteous belief that it could not be worse than what banksters have in store for them.

There are more reasons to be hopeful that the death-grip of the 1%/banksters has on mankind is starting to falter. The Brazilians paid off their IMF/bankster loan and wer smart enough to reject the IMF’s subsequent pleas to re-enslave themselves, demonstrating an absolutely glorious understanding of how to grow nations economy for the benefit of the country/it’s people.

The banksters/Wall Street own two-thirds of all industry by one means or another. That is done by design. Their parasitic grip on the economy is so damaging  to all those who labor under its model corporate fascism. This warmongering cabal of bankers  work on the concept of producing scarcity and dependency, not abundance and freedom.

I watched this video more than a decade ago. It  is factually without flaw. It is for all intent and purpose and accounting of how 80 individuals own over half the accumulated wealth of the world. Our enslavement at the hands of banksters/politicians is all but a given as the current system demands such outcome, as articulated in this excellent documentary.

What is the most common factor in whether or not you are bombed, in a humanitarian fashion, by the USA? Clue-it’s not oil—-It is whether or not you have submitted to having a Central Bank(the fed) that is aligned with the the US Federal Reserve(IMF)ect.

Libya “No Central Bank” had just offered no interest loans to African nations to help free them from the IMF ?Banksters Cabal

Iran -No Central Bank-  Trading oil for Gold

Russia -No Central Bank

Syria – No central Bank

Iraq- No Central Bank until we bombed them into accepting one- Saddam wanted to trade Gold for Oil-a big no-no

China- has not a full participant in in The Central Banking Cabal

When we bombed Libya into the fifth century  virtually the only thing we did after the devastation was to make sure that Libya was forced to take a central bank, the deal was negotiated with the Rebels, they received three magic beans for selling out to the banksters.

Yes, refusing to subject your country, your people to a parasitic banking cabal who is there for the sole purpose of  denying wealth and power to the masses to assure they maintain dominion over mankind, will not be tolerated.

So we should all admire those who voted in Syriza, those who have done what Americans do not/would not even dare to dream of-  voting to replace the ruling class with a political party who is not part of the Bankster’s machine, this is one of the few times in my life that the people have risen up for “change”, actual change. Venezuela, Argentina and Brazil are countries who, in varying degrees, rejected the Bankster Cabal. The Northern European Countries also have fared better at stopping the extraction of their countries wealth.

We should honor our Syrizian brothers and sisters as they partake in the Herculean task of challenging the Bankers for the benefit of all Mankind, a task we in the US show no signs of , in anyway, challenging. The little guy, Greece, with their Icelandic brothers as their guides go forth to do battle with the banksters in an effort to save mankind from the banksters continuing and increasingly successful efforts to deliver us into serfdom.

Good luck Syriza, your battle is ours- we apologize that most are to stupid, immoral to understand or care about what we leave for those who follow


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