The Ukrainian army has once again shelled civilians. There are a number of videos on the internet, all of which point the blame at the Ukrainian military. OSCE observers are on the ground as proven by the videos at the links below. The US government and media have intentionally been covering up what the Ukrainian military are doing. It is a consistent pattern of lies and obfuscation. This has become surreal at this point as the US consistently pushes the narrative that Donetsk citizens are all dying because of Russia. It is completely untrue and Russia is the only country that is providing these people with humanitarian aid. It was a cultural center that was used for distributing humanitarian that was bombed today. The US’s position makes no logical sense.

Highly graphic warning:

The Live Leak link below features numerous videos and graphic photos of the victims. These photos and videos were taken by people in the city of Donetsk. They are not shelling themselves as the US State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki would have people believe. I am including a clip of her being questioned by AP reporter Matt Lee on the subject of the Kiev regimes ‘free pass’ when it comes to killing civilians.

These pictures are incredibly graphic and show a young girl who has had her face blown off as well as numerous civilians blown to pieces.

These were primarily elderly civilians living in Donetsk. They were at the Center to pick up humanitarian aid supplies.

Graphic Warning:

There was also another bus attack today. Keep in mind that all these attacks are happening to the innocent ethnic Russian population of East Ukraine. The US media wants you to believe they are miraculously killing themselves. Link to pictures of the bus attack victims, they were innocent elderly people. Graphic warning:

Uk reporter Graham Philips of RT reports at the scene:

Matt Lee questions Jen Psaki on the US’s blatant one sided hypocrisy.