“Generals gathered in their masses
Just like witches at black masses
Evil minds that plot destruction
Sorcerer of death’s construction”
War Pigs – Black Sabbath

The Pentagon and our elected “representatives” worked together in a Senate Armed Services Committee meeting to lay the propaganda groundwork for continuing the U.S. military empire full speed ahead. They focused on the sequester cuts and how they will continue to hinder their quest for Full Spectrum Dominance, in fact, they’d have to “craft a new national defense strategy while losing their ability to conduct two major operations simultaneously”.

Granted, Full Spectrum Dominance costs alot of benjamins, but we all know the only thing they’re defending are the interests of the rich and powerful. Evidently “two major operations” must mean wars because they have special forces troops conducting operations in over 130 countries. Wouldn’t it be a shame if the U.S. couldn’t wage two illegal wars at the same time?

Of course, John McCain and friends did their part.

“Senior Senate Armed Services Committee members bemoaned more sequester cuts, but none offered a plan nor spoke of a new effort to get rid of them.
“Despite an accumulating array of complex threats to our national interests … we are on track to cut $1 trillion from America’s defense budget by 2021,” SASC Chairman Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said. “If we in Congress do not act, sequestration will return in full in fiscal year 2016, setting our military on a far more dangerous course.”

Of course that’s a deceitful statement.  The “cuts” are actually reductions in the budget projections, made by some humans, to the year 2021.  Nothing is being cut, it’s just not as much is being added.


“Army Chief of Staff Gen. Raymond Odierno said his force is as unready as at any other point in its 239-year history.” Can you believe that? This country has poured many trillions into this “Global Force for Good” and it’s unready. Unready for what?

They’re pouring it on thick man. Not good for us antiwar/anti-Empire types.

“Odierno said if sequestration hits again, he will remove tens of thousands more soldiers, and end, restructure or otherwise change “all” of its acquisition programs, resulting in a “40 percent modernization decrease.”

They also had the CNO, Chief of Naval Operations and the Air Force Chief of Staff on to complain about what sorry shape the Navy and Air Force are in and that their fleets are filled with antiques and we’re in danger of all dying tomorrow because of it. You never know. Air Force dude said the same thing about simultaneous or multiple wars:
“Welsh said if sequester kicks in again, the Air Force would be unable to defeat one foe while holding off another and “defending the homeland.”

The Marine General dude differed in approach:

“In a twist, Marine Corps Commandant Gen. Joseph Dunford called his force “the best trained and equipped” ever. But he did say the Marines are investing in new hardware at “historically low levels.”
He said another round of sequestration would leave the Corps unable to meet the requirements of the country’s current defense strategy.”

I sense a touch of irony in the Defense News article however, hopefully on purpose.

“All of these dire predictions came a day after Defense News broke the news that the Obama administration will seek $585 billion for the Defense Department in its 2016 budget request. That will include a $534 billion base budget request, which would be the largest such request ever.”

Largest request ever. And they’re complaining because it’s not enough. Actually I believe them. Look what they’re trying to do with their military. They’re trying to rule the damn world. You just can’t do that on the cheap. And with the Asian pivot, Ukraine war/Russia/Putin, and the ISIS “Cover” war, I can bet they do need to up their games at this point.  The perpetual Global War OF Terror requires perpetual budgets to match.

This could be an achilles heel if we could mount a challenge.


Big Al

Big Al