“There is no Russian regular army in the Donbass” said Ukrainian Colonel-General Viktor Muzhenko.

This statement was reported on Poroshenkos very own Chanel 5. This statement puts a serious dent in the US’s narrative that Russia invaded Ukraine. Discerning posters should be fully aware of this fact by now as the Kiev spokesperson, nicknamed ‘Baghdad Bob’, has made the false claim on over thirty separate occasions in the past year and neither the US government nor he have ever provided any evidence to prove this repeated assertion.

2 links to Poroshenkos Chanel 5 showing Generals comment : http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=41f_1422552867


Throughout the Ukrainian conflict every once in a while Ukrainian government officials have come clean about the invisible Russian invasion of Ukraine.

To the chagrin of the Obama Administration and NATO, Russia has not invaded. This latest admission came twice today. Once by inference from the Kiev spokesperson and the other by a direct admission from Ukrainian Armed Forces Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Victor Muzhenko.

During a briefing with General Muzenko he announced that “To date, we have only the involvement of some members of the armed forces of the Russian Federation and Russian citizens that are part of illegal armed groups involved in the fighting. We are not fighting with the regular Russian Army. We have enough forces and means in order to inflict a final defeat even with illegal armed formation present. “- he said.

If that wasn’t embarrassing enough for the Poroshenko regime which has consistently stated Russia has invaded and that Ukraine is fighting the Russian Army, it was Petro Poroshenko’s own TV station Channel 5 news that broke the story.

Earlier in the day Ukrainian Military spokesman Lusenko said he was worried if a provocation happened Russia would justify bringing in the Russian army. In inadvertent admission that the are not currently in Ukraine.

This was perfectly in line with General Muzenko’s statements which fully destroy western propaganda and agree the Russian invasion of Ukraine was a hoax.

Now, what about those other 37 Russian invasions Kiev and the US government and media stated happened last year?

On November 6th in an interview with Gromadske TV, Markian Lubkivsky, the adviser to the head of the SBU (the Ukrainian version of the CIA) stated there are NO RUSSIAN TROOPS ON UKRANIAN SOIL! This unexpected announcement came as he fumbled with reporters’ questions on the subject. According to his statement, he said the SBU counted about 5000 Russian nationals, but not Russian soldiers in Donetsk and Lugansk Peoples Republics.

He further clarified that there were no organized Russian units in Donbass. The SBU thinks there are representatives of the Russian FSB (Russian CIA) and mentors who provide training and organization that grew the Novorussia army quickly in its fight with Ukraine.
He went on further to state that the SBU estimates the armies of Donetsk and Lugansk Peoples Republics are about 20-25 thousand strong. In other words it always has been a civil war with possible military advisors from Russia. The people fighting are predominantly ethnic RussianUkrainians who are fighting to be free from a regime that they consider to be fascist. This insurgent army is comprised of the fathers and sons, moms and daughters of Novorossiya. They are people who held two democratic referendums to be separate of the Kiev regime who used extreme violence, intimidation, bombings and massacres against the innocent people of East Ukraine. The US government has backed this fascist, murderous regime and even stated on record that they are within their rights to bomb civilians in order to maintain Ukrianes territorial integrity.

Markian Lubkivsky’s official statement regarding a Russian invasion of Ukraine was made to the most prominent nationalist reporter in Ukraine, Natasha Stanko.

Both LifeNews and RT are wondering openly how Petro Poroshenko’s Channel 5 News became the most refreshing Putinesque Propaganda outlet on the planet, if only for a few moments.

A few moments later Channel 5’s talking heads were suffering once again from anti-Putin anxiety, and denied it ever happened.

Jen Psaki, aka ‘Baghdad Betty’ has not yet made any comment to AP reporter Matt Lee about the developing situation.


Great comment from the link: Major breakthrough news reporting from George Eliason. But will we learn about it on this evening’s ABC, CBS, NBC, or cable TV ‘news’? The Ukrainian Government finally acknowledges that all of their previous claims (none of which were documented) that Russia has invaded Ukrainian territory, have been false. This is shocking! And it’s enormously important! The basis for all of Obama’s (and the EU’s) sanctions against Russia is fraudulent. Will The New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal — and Bloomberg ‘News,’ and ‘Public’ Television, and National ‘Public’ Radio — announce this stunning fact, to the American people?

It would be just as likely as for the U.S. ‘news’ media to have acknowledged that they had stenographically ‘reported’ the Bush Administration’s lies that Saddam Hussein was building nuclear weapons and was supporting Al Qaeda.


Some European Generals have known this all along: Former NATO Genral Kujat announced on German TV in October that he doesn’t believe the propaganda that the US and EU are conducting in regards to a Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The above videos are proof that the US media and government are lying and covering up what is really going on in Ukraine. They have the majority of the American public convinced that Russia invaded Ukraine. Nothing can be further form the truth. If Russia did invade Ukraine the war would have long been over. Russia doesn’t want Ukraine. It wants the US and EU to pay for it fascist Frankensteins Monster that they have put in place.  Now take a quick look at the video below. You won’t find this story in the US media. This is the current truth about the Kiev regimes conscription for military service.


Oleg Boyko Ukraine General Staff ‘Only 6% of Those Drafted for Mobilisation Have Turned’ With Many Thousand Escaping to Russia

Only 6% of persons who are subject to a partial mobilization have volunteered. This was during a meeting of the chief of the Main Directorate of Mobilization Department of Defense and the General Staff of the mobilization plan of the Armed Forces, Oleg Boyko.

“At the moment … on the fourth stage partial mobilization at this rate, we have only six percent,” – said Boyko.

According to him, during the previous mobilization, this percentage was significantly higher and in some places reached 20%. “During the first stage of the partial mobilization in 2014, we were called for only 20% of the total number of volunteers mobilized. During the second and third stage of mobilization, this figure was up to 10 percent, “- said Boyko.

“The biggest problem in mobilization activities in the Transcarpathian region,” – he said.
According to him, sometimes people from whole villages go abroad. “There is a report of the Chairman of the Kosovo village of the district, according to which the local population hired two buses and drove them to the Russian Federation. On the border reservists paid for its crossover “, – said the head of mobilization department.

He added that in the Ternopil region continues mass escape of the male population abroad. “As if this was not a paradox, but people are fleeing to the Russian Federation”, – said Boyko.
There are also problems with the mobilization of crucial equipment for the needs of the army.

“Technology has been registered at the enterprises, while on business trips outside areas. And, as experience shows, was sent there literally on the eve of mobilization, “- he explained.
As previously reported, prosecutors have opened criminal proceedings in 1172 the facts of evasion from military service mobilization in 2014, the chief of the General Staff Mobilization Department Oleg Boyko.


In other words the Kiev regime is running out of people to fight their war and losing on all fronts. The part that is most interesting is that he personally states that the potential conscripts are fleeing to Russia of all places. He says it plain as day. They are fleeing to Russia for safety rather than fighting for the state of Ukraine. And this is the guy in charge of Ukrainian conscription for military service for the war the US is financing.