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Today I start classes, but don’t fret! My side posts on news items will continue. I got some posts coming soon.

Also, today’s Roundup may be a bit shaky.

International Politics


– The U.S. admits convicting David Hicks, an Australian national, at Guantanamo Bay was a mistake

– As noted by this piece, the International Criminal Court will investigate individuals from both Israel and Palestine. In fact, they may go after those in the latter.

– The Islamic State released a video where they executed a Kurdish soldier and threatened to behead President Barack Obama

– The woman heading to join the Islamic State are usually not victims and are very supportive of the terrorist group, according to a new study.

– Israel said the United Nations must uphold its commitment to stop war crimes; The irony is so rich

Middle East

– Juan Cole: “After Abdullah: Can Saudi Arabia Reform Before It Is Too Late?

– In Gaza, demonstrators attempted to enter a United Nations building after hearing news of lack of funds by the UN to invest in the Gaza Strip

An interview with Sherkoh Abbas, head of the Kurdish National Assembly of Syria, about peace talks in Moscow and establishing an independent Kurdish state

– ISIS is not the only loser after the liberation of Kobane by Kurdish forces as Turkey, worrying about the consequences of Kurdish success, lost as well.

– Two Israeli soldiers were killed and seven others were wounded in a surprise attack by Hezbollah

– Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: Hezbollah will pay the “full price” for what they did

– Lebanese Prime Minister Tammam Salam: Other countries must “restrain” Israel from jeopardizing the security of the Middle

– With Iraqi cities suffering from incessant fighting with ISIS forces, civilians are calling for governmental aid


Part one of three with Irvin Jim, president of the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa, about his upbring in South Africa and how he got into his position today

– The African Union said any military solution in Libya will fail and a political solution is the only way forward


– Professor Leo Panitch joins The Real News to explain the appointments to the cabinet and the good along with the bad in terms of them

– Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said the country would not default as privatization was halted

– Professor Serhiy Kudelia talks to The Real News on Ukraine and what he saw during his trip to the eastern part of the country

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– What happens when you mix libertarianism, neoliberalism, interference by the U.S. and a Latin American country? You get Honduras.

Quite a long read on the role Bolivia plays in opposing capitalism or, as noted, upholding some form of capitalism in different sectors of society; Damn good read

– While the new deal with Cuba is nice, there are some misconceptions still existing in media that need to be corrected to understand the diplomatic change.

– Cuban President Raul Castro said Guantanamo should be returned in order for relations to be normalized

Surveillance Planet

– Marcy Wheeler: “This is how a police state protects ‘secrets’: Jeffrey Sterling, the CIA and up to 80 years on circumstantial evidence

Financial Matters

– Iraq announced a new deal worth $11 billion with Shell Oil building a petrochemical plant in the country

– Robert Reich: “Without Reeling In Wall Street, the Middle Class Is Doomed

– “Rent-to-own” is exciting some on Wall Street because it means more easy money for them

– As if the Trans-Pacific Partnership wasn’t bad enough, the Obama administration wants to give even more giveaways to Wall Street

A new study found insurance companies are making the sickest patients pay more for their drugs

Labor’s a-Brewing

– Gallup: Fifty one percent of employees in the U.S. are not engaged at work. Younger baby boomers are more likely to be disengaged than older boomers.

– Awesome to hear about unions in the state of Oregon fighting for $15 per hour.

Politics US

Washington USA

– Professor Sujatha Fernandes and journalist David Bacon join The Real News to discuss a segment of Republican lawmakers who think immigration reform may bring economic benefits

– In her testimony to the Senate, Loretta Lynch upheld surveillance programs and, guess what, everyone in the Senate loves her! Also, she does not believe in the legislation of marijuana.

A new poll found Americans would prefer lawmakers to restore federal aid should the Supreme Court blocked some of 2010 law’s subisidies

– The Council on American-Islamic Relations warned the FBI not to send one of its agents to an Islamophobic event. The agent in question, by the way, believes the head of the CIA (John Brennan) is a Muslim working on behalf of Saudi Arabia; Aren’t you happy these types of people have more power than you?

– Dean Banquet, executive editor of The New York Times, said the mainstream media, along with NYT, failed readers after Sept. 11; Didn’t you just report King Abdullah as a hero? Will we get an apology for that in 14 years?

Anytown USA

– A federal judge refused to dismiss abuse of power charges against former Texas Governor Rick Perry

– Arkansas could have decided to take away the “Robert E. Lee” from “Martin Luther King Junior-Robert E. Lee” day but they decided not to because it would offend the South. I’m serious.

We Don’t Need No Education

– Remember Corinthian Colleges, the for-profit college exploiting students? Well the Obama administration gave them a “bank-style bailout” because what other lesson should college students learn? Working in and for a community? That’s fantasy.

– An official from the NCAA says they are seeing more cases where sports teams are making sure their athletes get top grades

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– 21.7 percent,  or more than 16 million, of Americans under the age of 18 receive food stamps, which is up from 21.2 percent two years ago. This is the highest in our post-recession period; Wait, post-recession?

A new study found NFL players who begin playing touch football before age 12 are more likely to suffer from cognitive issues

The Second Sex

– Good news as Marissa Alexander was released from prison, yet will be under house arrest for the next two years.

– In Quebec, Canada, a 17-year-old Inuit teen was sexually assault by a sex offender next to her in a cop car. She is now suing the police for doing nothing.

– Jessica Valenti: “‘PC culture’ isn’t about your freedom of speech. It’s about our freedom to be offended

– At Stanford University, a freshman student was arrested after allegedly raping an unconscious woman

Planet Earth

– Lawmakers in Indiana want to make it tougher for residents in the state to turn to solar panels

– For environmentalists, it is not good news for the Koch brothers to spend nearly $1 billion as climate change denying groups will certainly get a boost

– The American Petroleum Institute will run a pro-Keystone XL ad during the Super Bowl

– The city of Sao Paulo in Brazil is considering, in order to preserve water, to shut down water for five days.

Mixed Bag

– Dave Zirin: “Marshawn Lynch and Roger Goodell: Compare and Contrast

– All the ad slots for the Super Bowl on Sunday are gone and keep in mind companies paid more than $4 million to get a commercial; Insane amount of money wasted

Break Time

Desde Brasil [Cafe Quijano]

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan is a freelance journalist in Queens, NY and written for publications such as The Nation, In These Times, Truthout and more.