Hormone replacement therapy was once upon a time routinely used for treating menopausal symptoms and also for safeguarding long-term health. It was in 2002 that the bad news about hormone therapy shook most women to their core. It almost felt like a bomb that dropped on womankind and due to this the US government stopped the hormone trial of the Women’s Health Initiative to determine the risks and benefits of this kind of therapy. This bad news was an abrupt hit in the solar plexus sharing a loud and clear message that if you value your life, you should never be in the same room with a bottle of hormones.

According to some of the top most doctors and physicians, increased risks of breast cancer, stroke, heart disease and blood clots were some of the problems that the researchers find in women using hormone replacement therapy. While the study also said that hormone replacement therapy reduced the risk of colon cancer, fractures, still this was not considered as an important matter on the cultural and medical level. As soon as the estrogen news came into the limelight, women started rejecting this therapy in droves.

Hormone replacement therapy – What kind of treatment is it?

Although, HRT was once used as a treatment to reduce menopausal symptoms and protect the health conditions of women, the large number of clinical trials found out that they had lots of health risks too. But what does this mean to a woman who is suffering from such menopausal symptoms? Hormone therapy contains female hormones that are used to replace the ones that the body no longer makes post menopause. This used to be a standard treatment for women who were suffering from hot flushes and other symptoms. However now, apart from the treatment of the post-menopausal symptoms, this also prevents heart disease and dementia.

Due to the large number of clinical trials that found out that this treatment posed more risks than benefits, it was stopped being recommended by most doctors. But thankfully, now it is being regarded as a treatment for women with menopausal symptoms but it is not being prescribed for prevention of heart diseases or heart loss. Infact, it has also been proved that this is a good choice for women with some particular health conditions, despite the risks that are associated with it.

Getting a doctor who can give you human growth hormones (HGH)

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Hence, if you’re a post-menopausal woman, you may check out the benefits of hormone replacement therapy from any of the best medical institutions.