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The Roundup for January 27th, 2015

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Good day folks! Had to look deep in my catalog for today’s song.

It’s been five years since Howard Zinn passed away.

International Politics


– The new nuclear deal between the U.S. and India is just another game of geo-politics and rewarding corporations.

– If President Barack Obama is leader of the free world, then why is he honoring King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia? No really, why?

– Jeffrey Epstein, the convicted sex offender, criticized the media as “gossip[ing]” about the alleged times he raped underage teens

– Russia denounced the arrest of three alleged spies in the U.S. as another instance of the “anti-Russian campaign”

Middle East

– Scholar Edmund Ghareeb explains to The Real News the Kurdish fight against the Islamic State and why the fighting will continue

– Waalid Al-Saqaf, a journalist, talks to The Real News on how backwards it is for the U.S. to continue drone strikes in Yemen

– Iran, angered by the death of one of their commanders by Israeli airstrikes, warned Israel through U.S. officials that the Israelis would face consequences for their actions

– It is not easy being an independent in authoritarian Arab countries jailing journalists for appearing as dissenters

– The Iraqi military said it was able to remove ISIS fighters from the province of Diyala.

Asia and Oceania

– In Tripoli, Libya, gunmen entered into the Corinthia hotel, a luxurious place, and killed eight people, including an American citizen working on behalf of the State Department. ISIL claimed responsibility for the attack.


Another part of an interview with attorney Dimitri Lascaris on the next steps of SYRIZA and how progressive it is

– A Russian official said the U.S. would no longer be able to intercept Russia missiles thanks to new technology

– Immigrants in Greece may hope for change under the leadership of SYRIZA; Indeed, that is all they have left

– Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras revealed his cabinet, which The Guardian described as full of “academics, human rights advocates, mavericks and visionaries.”

– Ukrainian rebels said they were able to drive out government troops from two areas

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– The attorney general in Mexico said the 43 missing students in Mexico were dead after finishing an extensive investigation

– Fidel Castro: “Leave a Little Light On for Me

Surveillance Planet

– Argentina announced it would dissolve its intelligence agency and make a new one, after implementing reforms, after the death of a prosecutor

Financial Matters

A new report found the top one percent are enjoying the recovery geared to them while the rest of us aren’t enjoying that so-called recovery

– It is very sad to see lying being used by anti-human trafficking NGOs to obtain more money, which in turn makes them focus more on what sells rather than actually helping victims

– There’s money to be made at the U.S.-Mexico border with surveillance tools and companies operating in Gaza are coming to the U.S. to share their toys

– It seems New York City lost $200 million as a result of the winter storm

Labor’s a-Brewing

– Gallup: Nearly one-third of baby boomers over the age of 67 are still in the workforce

A trial is now underway over a company bringing laborers from India to help clean-up after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. The company threatened workers and put them into “labor camps.”

Politics US

– With Jeffrey Sterling convicted, journalist Marcy Wheeler joins The Real News to discuss the trial and what may happen next

– Gallup: Fifty percent of Americans approve of President Obama’s job. The last time that happened was in 2013.

– With Democrats preparing for 2016, it says a lot Hillary Clinton is the only big name being pushed for

A new poll found more than 50 percent of Americans support the idea of a single-payer health care system

– Speaker of the House John Boehner admitted there were “stumbles” in getting legislation passed; Excellent news to hear. Please continue these stumbles.

– Democrats may block any movement of a bill promoting the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which is being pushed for by the Obama administration and the GOP

– The U.S. government is very cautious in giving support to the SYRIZA coalition in Greece

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– Homelessness is a problem in Egypt and the government there is doing little to provide essentials for the homeless

The Second Sex

– A transgender woman in Phoenix, Ariz. was arrested for prostitution conviction, which a court later dismissed.

– With a group of mostly male editors on Wikipedia banning female editors from editing pages relating to Gamergate and anything relating to gender, it says a lot for how this supposedly democratic place cares about issues of gender and sex.

– Rania Khalek: “Israel defender Alan Dershowitz has long history of attacking sex abuse victims

Planet Earth

– After week of pretending to care about the environment in his State of the Union, President Obama and his team is pushing for offshore drilling

– It’s a “war on Alaska“! At least that is what lawmakers from Alaska say about the Obama administration’s conservation efforts in the state

– Irving, Texas experienced some earthquakes worrying residents on whether it was a good idea allowing hydrofracking to take place.

Mixed Bag

– The music group Dropkick Murphys told Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to stop using their music because they hate him

– Some in Saudi Arabia view the death of King Abdullah as the beginning of the end of the world

– Aw yeah, Miss Marvel was plastered on Islamophobic ads on buses in San Francisco to change their message from something vile to something positive.

Break Time

The Revolution [David Byrne]

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