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Koch And Friends Pledge To Spend Almost $1 Billion On 2016 Races

Just as Republicans attempted to opportunistically use wealth inequality as an issue against Democrats news breaks that the Koch brothers and their comrades plan to spend nearly $1 billion on the 2016 elections. An amazing amount of money from just a few people that will undeniably influence the manner and outcome of the elections.

The fundraising pledge was made at the Koch-backed fundraising network’s annual winter retreat which was reportedly attended by numerous Republican presidential candidates including Scott Walker, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Marco Rubio. And you can be sure those potential 2016 candidates that did not stop by took notice. The Koch network already established itself as a major factor in American politics and raised $407 million for 2012 elections.

Will Speaker Boehner and Majority Leader McConnell lament such a clear sign of outsized political influence based on wealth inequality? Right after they deposit some checks.

A network of conservative advocacy groups backed by Charles and David Koch aims to spend a staggering $889 million in advance of the next White House election, part of an expansive strategy to build on its 2014 victories that may involve jumping into the Republican primaries…

The new $889 million goal reflects the anticipated budgets of all the allied groups that the network funds. Those resources will go into field operations, new data-driven technology and policy work, among other projects, along with likely media campaigns aimed at shaping the congressional and White House elections.

For some perspective, $889 million is more than what the RNC and DNC spent combined on the 2012 elections ($723 million). To have one small group of plutocrats come up with that kind of money is unprecedented and a rather obvious sign of where the power lies in America.

So should we keep pretending we are having free and fair elections? These seem more like auctions in which case 99% of the American people aren’t even in the game.

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Dan Wright

Dan Wright

Daniel Wright is a longtime blogger and currently writes for Shadowproof. He lives in New Jersey, by choice.