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Over Easy: Fukushima Update


Two deaths reported at Fuku, industrial type accidents. Looks like as least one is a lack of care on the part of the victim. Safety harnesses do no good if tucked into your belt rather than attached.

Another report saying that Fuku releases are WAY higher than reported. The impact is worldwide, yet few governments are saying anything publicly. Wonder why. Protecting their own nuclear industry? Perhaps, or possibly they are aware that nothing really can be done and they don’t want a panic. Fuku has released more hot stuff into the air that all the nuke tests by all countries put together.  Replace air with water and the last sentence is still true.

The Japanese government is going to start dumping hot water into the oceans. They say they will treat it with the ALPS system, but that doesn’t work well, even on Strontium. And it doesn’t touch tritium at all. Nevertheless, the government has all the approvals they feel they need. Citizens are resisting, especially the fishermen, but the JG seems determined to do this. A few months ago, when they floated this idea, they got a REALLY nasty communication from China that stopped them. I wonder what’s changed that China would not protest. This is something that REALLY needs not to happen. Dilution is not the solution.

Radiation exposure leads to Obesity in Fuku children. Official government position is that it’s not radiation directly, it is that the parents in the area of the reactor won’t let their children outside to play.  That’s their story and they’re sticking with it.

Here’s one I missed first time around. The monkeys in Japan are showing abnormal blood due to radiation. At least one of the people challenging the peer reviewed study is somewhat of a nuke supporter. I suspect the other one refered to in the story is as well, but trying to find something useful from google on “James Smith” is an exercise in search logic I don’t have time for.

Oh, and WHIPP is falling apart. Note that the area with the ceiling collapse is WELL away from the area of the prior accident. If it wasn’t for the accident, that panel would be full and we’d never have seen it. I think the plan with WIPP was to store a whole bunch of stuff they weren’t supposed to be storing there, then let the ceiling collapse and and hide the evidence.

Boxturtle (Doesn’t it scare you to realize the Joker is right?)



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