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Late Night FDL: Baby I Love Your Way

Peter Frampton – Baby I Love Your Way

Peter Frampton and Cheap Trick are hitting the road together…

If you thought Peter Frampton was gonna let that incident where he threw a fan’s phone keep him down, you were wrong. So, so wrong.

Ultimate Classic Rock reports that Frampton is hitting the road this summer with none other than Cheap Trick coming along for the ride. It is set to hit a handful of cities across the United States and Canada.

The tour, will kick off out west this June with a date in Lincoln, California, and continue through August, when it will wrap in Toronto.

The gaps in the tour indicate more stops to be announced, so stay tuned if and when they should make that information public. For now, scope the announced Peter Frampton and Cheap Trick co-headlining dates below. (link)

What’s on your mind tonite…?

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