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Video: The Original Right/Left Debate They Desperately Still Avoid

Noam Chomsky  has been destroying “the right” for generations. William Buckley, the darling of the right for a generation and originator of a large part of the right’sdoctrine it forwards this day. Noam demonstrates the weakness of the right’s argument for righteous war. The same argument that is not allowed on television anymore, you know the one that forwards facts to support the assertions being made and offers an opposing opinion. Today it is MSNBC/FOX forwarding no facts to support their opinions, instead you get the Fox 5 and Morning Joe where 4 or 5 people validate the same opinion/each others opinions in slightly varied ways. This falls under “if you say it enough times people will believe it”

This is still one of the great debates of all time. Still the gold standard for destroying right-wing talking points. In the case present he was so effective he gets Buckley to  threaten him on a nationally televised debate. One should note that this quality of debate does not occur anymore except on Democracy Now ,

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