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Camera Work: A Two Hour Shoot

Today I want to share a few images from a quick trip we took to a site in Washington State known as The Steigerwald Lake Wildlife refuge. It’s a site on the Columbia River, about 20 miles from downtown Portland and is a nesting site for all kinds of animals, particularly migrating birds. On this trip, we were presented with a flock of Tundra Swans, floating majestically in the backwaters of the Columbia which makes up a major part of the Reserve, including the namesake lake, Steigerwald Lake. It’s a wonderful hike and, given it’s location just north of Mt.Hood and in the Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area, it is particularly attractive for those who simply want to get out and walk. Just outside the reserve itself is a long dike along the Columbia which is used by all kinds of transportation, foot, biking horses with the prize destination being this reserve.

The key reason we took it Monday was that I also have figured out what to do about carrying my camera gear making it reasonably accessible without spending an arm and a leg.

What I found was two items, one an insert, complete with dividers, which fits neatly into many styles of backpacks, and a unique pouch which allows one to carry an extra lens on a hip belt and provides for lens switching on the fly. I’ve included the links to the products although it seems that I got the last one of the inserts for a while anyway. Price, including shipping? 16 bucks! The pouch is more but the setup works better than most camera backpacks.

We didn’t spend much time there, tow hours, in fact, at which time I managed 240 exposures. We had sun, a rainbow, geese overhead, rain with the showers back-lighted so that the image looks very grainy until you realize it’s water droplets frozen by a short exposure time (1/500 sec), the rain pelting the cameras and photographers.

It was glorious!

I’ve only included 4 images plus the “cover” shot of a portion of the rainbow. I’ve started a new gallery for this reserve since I already have a number of days shooting over the last 2 years from which to draw images. They will come later.

The Link

The weather is really warming up today and we will likely be out shooting again. That pouch from Lowepro to which I linked hasn’t arrived yet so I can’t give any kind of critique of the system as a whole.


Lawrence Hudetz

Lawrence Hudetz