5 days ago the US media reported (across the board) that the Kiev regime had taken Donetsk airport and delt the rebels of Novorossiya an astounding defeat. Nothing could be further from the truth as proven by the videos below.

The rebels not only took complete control of the airport, they wiped out an entire Kiev battalion of over 500 men and took over 50 prisoners. How did they do this? They led the Kiev ‘cyborgs’ (their own nickname) into a trap of their own making. They flanked them on both sides as the Kiev soldiers entered the new terminal which they had become accustomed to fighting from. At the same time the NAF attacked directly from the front bravely losing over a dozen soldiers. The Kiev regime had no idea that the ceilings in the new terminal had been rigged with explosives during the time the NAF had recently held the building. In the midst of the massive firefight the NAF blew up and dropped the entire ceiling on the Kiev battalion. Hence, the reason so many of them surrendered as seen in the videos below. Please keep in mind that the Kiev spokesperson reported that only 8 troops were captured and the US media parroted that lie (across the board) as usual. These videos prove that many, many more were captured.

Graphic warnings for all the videos below:

The first video is an amazing video that shows the true difference between the NAF freedom fighters and the Ukrainian ‘cyborgs’. Their spirits are high. They show understanding and respect the enemy. Notice the level of enthusiasm as the tanks drive by. They remind the world that they voted to be free of the Kiev fascist regime. This is an example of true democracy, humanity and fighting for a good cause.

Videos of the captured Ukrainian ‘cyborg’ child killers. They do not seem to be smiling as much as they were when they were killing innocent women, children and elderly civilians.

8 Bandera Right Sector captured in this one.


In this one 3 captured conscripts confess what is really happening.

Many of these poor conscripts are being drafted from the poorest western Ukrainian villages and sent to their deaths with little or no training. It is rumored that they were ordered to take the airport once again in order to impress the US General that was visiting Kiev. It backfired and they were simply used as cannon fodder by the fascist Kiev regime.

This link is to 7 more captured.


People can watch the videos for themselves and see how those prisoners are doing and what they think about the US initiated war they are participating in. This next one is of the captured Ukrainian battalion commander having his ass handed to him by the locals whose family members he has been killing.

Graphic Warnings: Videos feature dead soldiers

Graham Phillips also has plenty of videos up of the Ukrainian troops that have been killed at the airport. Graphic Warning:

Link to video showing over 25 more captured Ukrainian military personnel. They are losing on a large scale. It is no wonder they now want another cease fire.


Even the Kiev Post is now admitting they lost the battle for the airport. http://www.kyivpost.com/content/ukraine/donetsk-airport-overrun-by-rebels-say-army-volunteers-378037.html
Finally some western media outlets (in Europe) are showing some humanity and portraying a little bit of truth about what the Ukrainian army are doing. Kudos to Agency press France.


A father buries his 4-year-old son and curses Ukraine’s war – Yahoo/Agence Presse France
Donetsk (Ukraine) (AFP) – Vladimir Bobryshchev was returning home early on a recent morning after a long night of work when a rocket ripped through the sky, falling straight toward his home.

He saw it hit his house, and he rushed over to save his two sons and his wife. This week, he stood in a cemetery in the rebel bastion of Donetsk burying his four-year-old boy Artyom while his wife and seven-year-old were in a hospital with serious wounds.

“My son was a terrorist like they say?” he said in anger, blaming Ukrainian forces for the rocket strike and referring to the label authorities in Kiev use for the rebels they are fighting.

His hands covered with scars, the 30-year-old metal-worker said through tears: “I tried to get them out of the debris … But I couldn’t save my son.”

For Vladimir, those who fired the rocket that wrecked his home and killed his son intended to hit civilians.

“There is no military target within a kilometre all around. They targeted houses!” he shouted, calling for those responsible to be brought to justice.

In the cemetery in the Kirovskiy neighbourhood in the once-bustling industrial city under thick fog and light rain, about 10 people gathered around the boy’s open casket with candles and blank faces.

Artyom’s grandmother was unable to hold back her tears and cries, and she sought a way to comfort him one last time.

“He needs his rabbit,” she said before placing a stuffed animal in the coffin.

Vladimir’s wife, meanwhile, remained in serious condition, having lost a leg, and his seven-year-old son Mikhail may have to lose one of his eyes.

“He doesn’t know yet that he no longer has a brother,” the father said of his hospitalised son.

He then pulled out an apple juice and piece of candy from his pocket. Artyom had been waiting for his father to return home on the morning the rocket hit.

“It was for him,” he said of the small gifts in his pocket.

This final video is a weird video circulating on Facebook from after the airport battle. In the video rebel leader Motorola shows small solar powered digital recorders that he says the Ukrainian troops had on them at the airport. The recorders play religious end time messages of US preacher Charles Stanley from Georgia and seem to have a hypnotic affect on the Ukrainian ‘cyborgs’ that were in possession of them. Over 30 of the recorders were found on dead Ukrainian soldiers bodies. Link here to You Tube video of the find: