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Challenging the pro-Israel Democrats in Congress

Challenging the pro-Israel Democrats in Congress
When it comes to elevating Israel from a second rate Democracy and into a first rate Democracy, progressive Democrats and in particular, the House Progressive Caucus, will not or cannot advocate or effectively represent us, when it comes to this insolence among Democrats. And by my usage of “us” I am speaking of us as the “racial and ethnics” and where we are the majority of Progressives, given our demographics of today, and albeit, even from a more reinforcing perspective that is tomorrow’s politics.
And for years now, we, here at the Chicano Veterans Organization, have been on record that no Native American or Chicano soldiers will fight and die on Israeli soil defending Israel’s second rate democracy.
To wit, for years now we have advocated that the Congress pass their collective Resolution and which asks that the United Nations establish the Commission to Define the Border of Israel and Palestine. Thusly and with formal approval by the general membership of the United Nations, this Study would be conducted on a neighborhood by neighborhood basis, and once completed within a 12 month time frame, the general membership would again take another vote on the anticipated results as per this study. And once accomplished, this study would be placed on the earliest possible ballot for the consideration of voters in Israel and Palestine, respectively.
And given America’s current mindset for perpetuating the AUMF, Peace can be achieved should the Democrats demonstrate, not for more War but for more Peace and where political violence need not occur, otherwise, the accrual or extraction of Privilege will confound historians of the future relative to our addiction to War. And sadly, today, the House Progressive Caucus cannot admit that America’s financial bankruptcy has occurred and yet, will not provide answers to this political dilemma, as well. As such, our moral decline is now front and center and as will be exemplified via Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech before in Congress in March.

Note:  Originally posted on Chicano Veterans Organization


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