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The Roundup for January 22nd, 2015

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Hey there folks, we now head to Nigeria. Sorry for the delay, went to Larry Wilmore’s new show in the city. ‘Twas fun. In return, here is a full-stacked Roundup.

International Politics


– This article is right on how jokes made against Muslims usually end up as propaganda for interventions

– William Blum: “Murdering Journalists…Theirs and Ours

– It seems Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Congress was made after an Israeli ambassador started talks

Middle East

– Even with desalination plants in Gaza, civilians still suffer from contaminated water

– It is difficult to imagine the city of Mosul in Iraq will not be different if the Islamic State loses control. Meanwhile, residents say living under ISIS is horrific.

– Secretary of State John Kerry: We are making progress against ISIS thanks to the Iraqi government and coalition forces

– King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia died at the age of 90 as a result of an illness; Enjoy the coldness of death

– Officials in Yemen resigned after Houthi rebels obtained control of the executive part of the government

– Sam Knight: “Shrugging off prior concerns, U.S. claims 200 Syrian oil wells have been targeted in Islamic State fight

Asia and Oceania

– Remember Yingluck Shinawatra, former prime minister of Thailand ousted by the military last year? She was just charged for using subsidies for rice to provide money for her party.


– Danny Glover and activist James Early join The Real News to discuss major stories out of Africa in the previous year


– Mark Weisbrot: “Greek Voters Should Not Be Intimidated

– Slavoj Zizek: “The Urgent Necessity of a Syriza Victory in Greece

– Once again, peace talks between the Kiev government and Russia came to nothing with 13 dead in Donetsk

– Michelle Chen: “France’s Muslim Communities Face Graver Threats Than the Lure of Extremism

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– We know neoliberalism is a failure, but even I was taken aback on how damaging it is in the country of Honduras where neo-liberalism was implemented with U.S. support.

– Amnesty International called for Mexico to investigate the army over the disappearance of 43 students

Surveillance Planet

– The “zombie cookie,” which is a cookie tracking users and cannot be deleted, will stop being used by the company who made them

Financial Matters

– Amy Goodman: “Imagine Something Different

A new report from the Center for Economic and Policy Research found private equity firms are breaking the rules and Security and Exchange Commission regulations are strong enough to reign down these abuses. The press release can be found here.

– Rick Perlstein writes an excellent piece on the origins of privatization in Chicago and how it is being augmented to the max in the city; Very interesting to see comments from President Obama in 1997 praising privatized housing

– Gallup: Sixty-three percent of Americans are do not paying the amount they pay in federal taxes

– While metro cities like New York City do not offer affordable housing or well-paying jobs for young Americans, other cities do not provide good jobs either; Just another example of a bleak future

– While Iran suffers from low oil prices, the petrochemical industry still provides some hope for money

– The European Central Bank revealed a quantitative easing plan worth 1.1 trillion euros to stimulate the economy

Labor’s a-Brewing

– There are still protests in Brazil fighting against the fare increases pushed for by the existing government

– Workers will be suing a McDonald’s franchise in Virginia along with the company itself as they say they were discriminated against based on race

Politics US

Washington USA

– How can President Obama say we need immigration reform and then call for free trade deals? They are both related.

– Activist Kevin Alexander Gray joins The Real News to talk about how distant Obama is from the rest of America

– Glen Ford: “State of the Union 2015: Lethal, Predatory, Delusional

– Pew: The Center for Disease Control is the agency Americans prefer the most, while the Internal Revenue Service is the least preferred. Funny enough, 51 percent of Americans view the NSA favorably and 54 percent say the same about the CIA

– There is no hope or path forward with the Democrats. It is far more effective to create a new party and a new system of government.

– Ever hear the one about parties by federal agents overseas that are like frat parties? The Department of Justice has and do nothing in response to it.

– Marcy Wheeler: “The Sterling Closing Arguments: Who Is the Hero, Who Is the Storyteller?

Anytown USA

– Gallup: Fifty-three percent of Americans are satisfied with the the level of acceptance of gays and lesbians in the country

– Sheldon Silver, the head of the New York State Assembly, was arrested by the FBI for corruption involving real estate companies.

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– A new study found smoking marijuana on a regular basis does not do any damage to lungs

– The United Nations asked for $1 billion to combat the Ebola virus as it slowly becomes contained

– Disneyland is asking parents bringing their children to vaccinate them after the spread of measles from un-vaccinated children at a theme park in California

The Second Sex

– In a vote of 242-179, the House passed a bill to prevent any federal funds from covering abortion

– Jessica Valenti: “The Republican abortion bill shows they still believe many women lie about rape

Planet Earth

– Professors Robert Pollin and Chris Williams discuss the weak environment parts of President Obama’s State of the Union speech and what is needed today

– Tom Steyer, the former hedge fund manager and environmentalist, said he would focus on supporting environmental campaigns than run for the Senate

– Rhino poaching in South Africa grew by 21 percent last year despite efforts to stop it

New research from Harvard University found sea levels are rising at a rate faster than expected

– Speaking of Harvard, the Paso Robles region in California, where a drought is affecting wine made there, is something the university is focusing on as they purchased water rights there.

– Al Gore criticized fossil fuel companies for using the atmosphere as “an open sewer

– A Brazilian official in charge of agriculture criticized environmentalist for calling her a “chainsaw queen,” despite, you know, promoting deforestation. She then said it was all sexist because, you know, that’s totally what this is all about; Neoliberal feminists are so funny.

Mixed Bag

– I constantly forget to show a clip from comedian Lee Camp’s new comedy show Redacted Tonight but I remembered for today. Here’s a clip on plans for apathy in the U.S. citizenry created by elites in the 1970s.

– Robert Greenwald, a filmmaker, called American Sniper a “fantasy” for neoconservative where the only good Iraqi is a “dead Iraqi”; It’s so funny too how the movie is very similar to the Nazi propaganda film in the end of Inglorious Bastards.

– Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei told Muslim youths in the West to look into Islam themselves instead of listening to things like the media

Break Time

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