Thursday tradition continues, and in the Lakeside Diner begun by Southern Dragon, today we will look at foreign media, and a perspective that doesn’t come from reportage the U.S. press usually does provide.

Yemeni rebel group Houthi ended a standoff and entered into an agreement to release the country’s president who they had been holding captive.

The agreement promised to give the rebel Houthi movement more say in the affairs of the Arab world’s poorest country in exchange for the group removing its fighters from President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi’s home, the SABA news agency said.

However, the late-night deal left unanswered who really controls the country and how much power is still held by Hadi, a key ally in U.S. efforts to battle Yemen’s local Al-Qaeda branch.

In the deal, the Houthis also agreed to release a top aide to Hadi that they had kidnapped in recent days.

SABA said the agreement included a clause that would answer the rebels’ demands to amend the constitution, and to expand their representation in the parliament and state institutions. It also included promises to ensure better representation for Yemen’s southerners as well, the deal said.

The European Central Bank announced a bond-buying program aimed at revitalizing a stalled economy.

Reports suggest that asset purchases could be €50bn (£38bn) per month until the end of 2016 – double the amount previously expected.

The programme would in part be designed to counter low eurozone inflation.

On Wednesday, the OECD urged the ECB to launch unlimited bond-buying until the eurozone economy improves.

An agreement to pull back artillery from the Ukrainian front has been reached by leaders of France, Germany, Russia and the Ukraine, announced by  Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov.

The minister stressed that direct dialogue between the Kiev government and the regions is the “key to resolving the Ukrainian crisis.” He added that parties involved will be able to begin a real peace process, only when the agreement to pull back heavy artillery is fulfilled by both sides.

Never. Give. Up.

Ruth Calvo

Ruth Calvo

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