The Real Price of Keystone – Chief Allan Adam, Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation

*Worldwide. Global warming in 30 seconds. Another way to look at it (h/t Elliott).

*Worldwide. Scientists say we’ve passed four of nine “planetary boundaries” thanks to our own activities. We’re “‘eating away at our own life support systems’ at a rate unseen in the past 10,000 years”. We’re now headed toward the unknown, beyond a “safe operating space.” This will be discussed in Davos this week, ahead of which we learn that next year the 1% will own more than half the world’s wealth.

*Worldwide. Another cheery note from scientists: we’re “on the verge of causing unprecedented damage to the oceans and the animals living in them.” As in major extinction event, and here’s more evidence of that, and more. The cheery part? We still have time “to avert catastrophe”.

*Worldwide. Photos from five continents showing “that climate change is real”.

*Worldwide. As they gather at Davos, Professor Jørgen Randers tells it like it is under capitalism: “It is cost-effective to postpone global climate action. It is profitable to let the world go to hell.” Will they listen?

*Worldwide. Iron and coal companies are glutting their markets as the largest seek to “squeeze out” the smallest. US and OPEC oil producers are doing the same. Indeed, “traders around the world [are moving] huge quantities of crude into storage”, while they wait for prices to improve.

*Worldwide. With oil prices plummeting, what is the future of the electric car? If people pay attention to what John Hofmeister, former Shell-meister says, they’ll go for the electric car.

*USA. The White House announced new rules for reducing methane emissions at “existing oil and gas installations, in addition to future sources of carbon pollution”, by 45% by 2025, primarily by plugging leaks. If you missed it, here’s a repeat of the astounding NASA Four Corners photo of the single largest source of methane emissions on the planet.

*USA. Quelle surprise! Report “that finds offshore wind would produce twice the number of jobs and twice the amount of energy as offshore drilling in the Atlantic Ocean”, contrary to what the oil and gas industry has been saying. There’s also work being done on developing small-scale combined solar and wind devices, all on our rooftops.

*USA. Interesting charts from terrajoule. In 2014, energy expenditures accounted for 8% of the GDP. US energy exports (petroleum, liquid nitrogen gas, coal) measured in quadrillion btus increased steadily from 4.43 in 2004 to 12.37 in 2014. Prices anticipated in 2020/million btu is $25.86 to $6.00 for North American natural gas, to $0.85 for PRB coal.

*USA. Nice wrap-up of current US-Canada oil industry responses to plummeting oil prices. BTW, oil prices today were $46.75/barrel WTI and $48.65/barrel Brent.

*USA. Solar energy installation companies are hiring 10 times faster than other sectors. By November of last year, “the US solar industry employed 173,807 people, up 21.8 percent from a year before”.

*USA. So intent is he on getting that Keystone XL pipeline bill passed in the Senate that ol’ Mitch McConnell is contemplating the ultimate—making Senators stay in session until early in the morning. Bummer.

*USA. Democrats just slapped some amendments to the Republican Keystone XL pipeline bill including “ensuring the 1,700 -mile pipeline uses only U.S. materials and supplies oil strictly for U.S. consumption.” Watch Republicans squirm under those “only USA” constraints.

*USA. Greg Grey Cloud, Crow Creek Sioux, who sang from the Senate gallery in honor of the 41 Senators who voted against the Keystone XL Pipeline, had his day in court. He was ordered to refrain from being seen near the Capitol Grounds for six months.

*USA. The State Department has given other federal agencies—the EPA, Interior, Commerce and Homeland Security—a deadline of February 2nd for submitting their views on the Keystone XL pipeline. {more}

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