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Another morning, another day and, hopefully, more tranquility.

International Politics


– Interestingly, peer pressure is more effective than propaganda when getting recruits to join the Islamic State

Middle East

– The news for Iraq keeps getting worse as agriculture fell by 40 percent as a result of ISIS

– A Palestinian Authority official said going to the International Criminal Court to charge Israeli leaders with war crimes is more effective because constant talks with Israel do nothing

– Meanwhile, the ICC is now a political issue used by the right in Israel to promote their agenda in the Israeli elections

– Iran denounced the Israeli air strike that killed six Hezbollah soldiers and one Iranian commander in Lebanon

– A newspaper in Iran was suspended after showing solidarity with Charlie Hebdo in its paper

– The Syrian government is now destroying places used for production of chemical weapons

An interview with the Syrian ambassador to the United Nations on the role of the U.N. in terms of Syria and his restrictions when traveling the U.S.

Asia and Oceania

– Indonesian authorities do not believe terrorists caused the crash of the AirAsia flight last month

– According to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, China stole plans for a F-35 stealth fighter. China said it was untrue.


– Ali Abunimah: “France begins jailing people for ironic comments

– Part one of two with Leo Panitch, a professor, who talks about the role of SYRIZA in Greece

– Chris Hedges: “‘You Have a Mother’

– As said before, the Charlie Hebdo killings can and will be used by fascist forces in Europe to promote their sick ideology

– Fighting in Ukraine escalated with dozens of deaths in eastern Ukraine as a result of artillery fire

– An anti-Islam group in Germany vowed not to stay silent after one of its protests was cancelled over a threat against an organizer

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– The prosecutor who accused the Argentinian government of covering up a bombing at a Jewish community center in 1994 was found with gunshot to the head.

– U.S. envoys will head to Cuba for the first time in 35 years to engage in talks with the government.

Surveillance Planet

– Documents from Snowden found GCHQ, Britain’s intelligence agency, took emails from The New York Times. And Washington Post. And BBC. And NBC. A lot of media outlets actually.

– Microsoft reported more users were worried about privacy last year as users in every country they surveyed, aside from India, said technologies affected their privacy.

Financial Matters

– Dean Baker: “Democrats Take on Wall Street With Financial Transactions Tax

– Hold on to your seat. The top one percent in the world will have more money than the bottom 99 percent by next year; Next year. Wow, just wow.

– Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers: “How the People Will Stop Obama from Pushing Through A Disastrous Trade Deal

– There’s money in keeping prisoners and, when that happens, there is no rehabilitation with a system failing prisoners and communities.

– Iraq hopes to improve trade with Iran and Turkey, which is now valued at $28 billion per year.

– Robert Reich: “The New Compassionate Conservatism and Trickle-Down Economics

– After the Chinese government banned margin trading, where firms can invest with borrowed money, the stock market in Shanghai fell dramatically

– A former Saudi Arabia official said the country can deal with low prices; I’m not so sure

– Even the Iranian oil minister says the oil industry can withstand low oil prices even if they drop to $25 per barrel; Is this a joke?

Labor’s a-Brewing

– Uber believes it can provide employment in Europe through its services; Oh look, a capitalist firm thinking it can solve problems. This will end well!

– Workers at Kaiser Permanente who went on strike for better working conditions called off more strikes after getting a better contract

Politics US

Washington USA

– Protecting voting rights would be a good step to defend the legacy of Martin Luther King Junior; It is a good step, but we’re need a marathon

– The budget bill passed late last year by Congress will expand a prison in Illinois to place more inmates in solitary confinement

Anytown USA

– The role of police is not to clear up any problems in society as it only adds more problems.

– In Sentinel, Okla., a white man with a gun shot a black police chief four times. What happened to him? He wasn’t arrested. He’s actually free.

– John Kiriakou speaks with The Intercept about his remaining time at Loretto, torture and support from some CIA agents

– Two teenagers who committed a series of crimes were caught and we called in the media “Bonnie & Clyde.” Yes, they were white.

– Brian Sonenstein: “NYC’s new rules for solitary are not the reforms we’ve been looking for

We Don’t Need No Education

– Evangelicals are pushing to place more churches in public schools where “religious entrepreneurs” work their magic to help out

– With issues like school closures affecting communities of color, it is indeed wise to push the Black Lives Matter movement into school-related issues

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

A new report from the Environmental Protection Agency found chloropyrifos, a pesticide, can affect the health of workers who use it

Planet Earth

– Researchers found yields of wheat will decrease should climate change continue to make the climate warmer

An interview with Estela Hernandez, a lawmaker in El Salvador, about community control and protecting the environment

Mixed Bag

– Cornel West: “[King’s] dream was for all poor and working people to live lives of decency and dignity

– Martin Luther King Junior day is one where the message of King is twisted to serve the status quo rather than demolish it.

– An Irish official said he was gay after announcing it on a national radio station ahead of a referendum on same-sex marriage

– Dave Zirin: “Dr. Martin Luther King, Muhammad Ali and What Their Secret Friendship Teaches Us Today

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Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan is a freelance journalist in Queens, NY and written for publications such as The Nation, In These Times, Truthout and more.