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Over Easy: Monday Science


Well, they say death comes in threes so hopefully I’m done for awhile. My aunt died Saturday. This was long expected and in many ways merciful. Because of this, things will be a bit short today and I’ll be absent in the mid morning to deal with the funeral home.

Space X rocket goes BOOM on landing. Well, nobody has ever tried to land a rocket on a barge before.

We’ve built a single electron laser. Quantum computing, here we come!

Printable solar cells have reached nearly the magic 10% efficiency. Run it by me again why we need to spend so much money on fission power?

Another Goldilocks planet found. This one around a red dwarf with two earth sized companions.

Ship your enemies glitter proves too popular.

Boxturtle (heck, I’m so rushed I don’t even have time to find a photo!)

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