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A Good #ReclaimMLK and #MLKShutItDown Day to You

A year ago on Martin Luther King Day we had a good discussion about ‘Restoring Socialist Visionary Radical Martin Luther King’. This year the many activists involved in the anti-police brutality and murders of citizens, including #BlackLivesMatter and related affinity groups and hashtags, have spent the week Reclaiming King and his true radical legacy from the sanitized version that so many whites preferred. In many venues, all one is treated to is his ‘I have a dream’ speech; left out are his many condemnations of white America’s extreme militarism and capitalism, and the need for revolution against the injustice of ‘a privileged minority’, as well as a true revolution of values. Few know what a visionary prophet he was, even causing me to muse that he could almost make me believe in God.

The folks at the Ferguson National Response Network have an interactive page of actions across the US and Canada (Turtle Island, as the Indigenous name it), and while I may have posted a bit too heavily on the movement, this day seems an important one to honor; I’ll bring in a few favorite Tweeted quotes by MLK, and a few actions via Twitterpics and images. Enjoy.

They were up early in Oakland, having promised 96 hours of direct action, those beautiful souls!

A series of slides were projected onto Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf’s garage door

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