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Good day folks!

International Politics

Middle East

– On Saturday, at least 18 people were killed in Baghdad, Iraq, as a result of bombings.

– Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did not go to the rally in Paris last week to show solidarity. There’s an election coming up and the rally was valuable political points for him.

Part seven of eight with Norman Finkelstein on why academics deny him a teaching job and the issue of Palestine in Israel

A few Hezbollah soldiers and an Iranian commander were killed by an Israeli airstrike

– Iraq is considering selling oil for weapons due to their fight against the Islamic State and can save some money

Asia and Oceania

Fascinating to read an interview with a communist musician from Pakistan who talks about problems in the country

An interview with journalist John Pilger on the suffering of Aboriginal people in Australia


At least 10 people were killed in Niger after demonstrations against the Charlie Hebdo cartoons

– At least 80 people were kidnapped and three were killed by suspected Boko Haram militants


– Certainly criticisms of SYRIZA can be made, but what cannot be denied is how they are a hope in a place where the left is essential weak and reactionary forces still hold some measure of control.

– Let us not forget about Podemos in Spain, also a leftist group which can also make a change in the country.

Nationalists in Russia marched in Moscow to demonstrate against Islam; In case you were wondering, yes, it was a neo-Nazi rally.

A very powerful series of the stories children in eastern Ukraine have on how the conflict changed their lives

– An airport in Donetsk was taken over by Ukrainian troops after fighting with rebels over it

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– It is tragic on how Haiti is a testing ground of imperial interests more concerned on their issues rather than the issues of people living in Haiti

Financial Matters

– Even though there is no recovery in the U.S., things are slightly better than in Europe. The European Union is suffering even more with some countries struggling to be stable.

– A Swiss official said the removal of a cap on its currency would not be of major concern to the economy

– Russia’s economy is not the only one in jeopardy due to the decline in the rouble. Countries relying on the currency are also at danger.

Labor’s a-Brewing

– Unions need to change up their tactics and strategies to ensure a militant labor movement in the U.S.

– The Palestinian Authority hopes to keep labor under its control, which would be detrimental for Palestinians

– Inspiring to hear female garment workers in India are fighting for their basic rights and a better life

Politics US

Washington USA

– A former FBI agent said he was told to keep quiet by the CIA after finding evidence of a planned attack by hijackers behind Sept. 11

Anytown USA

– History shows the state (in this case the U.S.) as a tool, when used by the elites, slow to react to racial issues and often pressured when there are internal and external incentives for the bourgeoisie.

A wonderful piece discussing the trial of Rasmea Odeh and the role of activists after the trial

– Glad to see Palestinian activists play a role in the #BlackLivesMatter protests in Oakland, Calif.; Indeed, linking these issues is valuable moving forward.

– Demonstrators in Baltimore protested against the celebration of two Confederate generals in the city on the same day as Martin Luther King Junior Day

We Don’t Need No Education

– A new report found at least 50 percent of school children in the U.S. live in poverty

The Second Sex

– Fraternities at the University of Virginia agreed to new demands to restrict frat activities involving alcohol

Planet Earth

– There is much to learn from anarchism when discussing potential solutions to overcome the capitalism system and avoid the worst of climate change

– West Virginia suffered from a terrible chemical spill the year before. More trouble will come for the state should private interests continue to go unchallenged.

– Mexican gray wolves are now on the Endangered Species List, which may protect them.

Mixed Bag

– Works like “Letter From A Birmingham Jail” can inspire us to move forward and challenge a system refusing to let us live

– There is a sense of privilege among those who say everything is open to humor thanks to free speech.

– Surprise, surprise. Voltaire, often used by free speech advocates, was Islamophobic himself and anti-Semitic

Break Time

Inqalab [Laal]

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan is a freelance journalist in Queens, NY and written for publications such as The Nation, In These Times, Truthout and more.