In a breathtaking display of Cynicism, the Obama administration has announced a program to provide tax cuts for the “middle class,” and to increase taxes on the rich.

This is just a cynical political ploy to polish his appalling legacy, characterized by “Look forward, not backward” in prosecuting torture, kidnapping and illegal imprisonment, coupled with his outstanding lack of effort to remove the US “middle class” from under the health insurance industry’s boot.

This followed with killing brown people indiscriminately, abandoning union pension funds to the mercy of deliberate underfunding, no doubt to be followed by screwing over all the potential recipients of social security, by building on gradual reductions to zero of the benefits promised by Regan, and his Greenspan puppet, when producing the wonderful the Regan/Greenspan/Democratic regressive “adjustment” to save social security.

Nice legacy you’ve created, Mr. President. Needs a bit of a polish does it? Not surprising, but you must not irritate those who will make you wealthy beyond measure when you retire from politics, so we understand the sneakiness underneath your proposals: propose anything, confident that NOTHING will happen because you successfully threw the last election or two. Your benefactors have nothing to worry about, and neither do you – except for HISTORY.

Where were all these proposals before the 2014 election? Where were they before the 2010 election? Where was Mr. Obama on the campaign trail advocating for these proposals and telling people frequently to “vote Democratic or you will lose this opportunity?”

Do you now understand why we believe you threw an election or two? You could have had a Democratic landslide. It took real planning to engineer a pair of Republican wins. We’d say congratulations on your success, but given the underhandedness involved, we think congratulations are inappropriate.

Here’s a set of suggestions on which you can actually deliver, and would actually be substantive improvements to your current legacy:

  1. Issue individual pardons for every Dreamer and non-criminal illegal immigrant.
  2. Make the TPP, TTIP and TISA trade agreements process open, transparent, and subject to democratic scrutiny.
  3. Stop spying on US Citizens. You claim to believe in democracy, but you behave like a person afraid of citizens. If you really believe in democracy, prove it by showing you trust your fellow citizens.
  4. Stop the killing with drones. All you are doing is generating more enemies.
  5. Do not sign any more Cromnibus bills. Bills to fund the government should not affect policy.