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Video: 2014 Lunatic of the Year Award

There were so many to choose from!

Lunatic-  a person whose actions and manner are marked by extreme eccentricity or recklessness.

In part lunacy requires the actual belief, or reckless disregard for the truth, this would exclude those that use arguments that know their assertions are false. even though they would appear to be the ranting of a lunatic.

Also  magnitude of the  damage the lunacy could cause  was not considered.

That being said my personal choice was Nancy Grace. If you are not familiar with Nancy go to Websters dictionary, flip to vile to see a picture.

Nancy’s delusional rant on people smoking Marijuana and killing whole families and implying it was commonplace..and more!

As a bonus clip, a uniquely qualified professor humiliates the Mayor of Bullshit Mountain, Bill-o, on his Marijuana/Texting  concerns.

hoping some would add their personal picks for lunatic rants for 2014, add them to the thread for all to enjoy.


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