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To Angola 3 Supporters, Help Stop LA Gov Jindal From Speaking at House of Commons, London

To all A3 supporters, please pick up the telephone and make 2 calls now.

Governor Bobby Jindal will be in London on Monday speaking at the House of Commons about democracy and human rights whilst the state of Louisiana impedes justice for Albert.

He has been invited by Damian Collins MP and The Henry Jackson Society so we need to call them now and let them know that Jindal should not be given a platform to speak as:

·      Louisiana incarcerates more people that anywhere in the world

·      He has refused to take action to end the injustice being perpetrated on Albert by the State of Louisiana despite his conviction being overturned 3 times

·      Albert is the longest serving prisoner in solitary in the world – 42 years.

Call / text / email today, over the weekend and Monday

1. Damien Collins MP 020 7219 7072 and 01303 253524 (and email

2. David Rutter +44 (0)20 7340 4520 or +44 (0)798 646 0557 for out-of-office hours (email

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