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What would Fox News say if President Obama had gone to Paris?

Fox hosts and guests has been having a field day slamming President Obama for his (in my mind poor) decision to go to the Paris rally.  But imagine the response if he had gone.

  • Megyn Kelly: Why is Obama going to Paris instead of worrying about security threats at home?
  • Bill O’Reilly:  Why is he hobnobbing with dictators and those who oppress free speech?
  • Sean Hannity:  Obama joins forces with Abu Mazen of the Palestinian Fatah party
  • Rudy Giuiliani:  How can he attend this rally and not the funerals of the NYC police officers slain by Muslims?
  • Bill Donohue:  Why is he honoring those who insulted the Pope and the Church?

…etc., etc., etc.  There is nothing this President could do (short of resigning) that would be acceptable to Fox News.

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