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Late Night FDL: Lonesome Loser

Little River Band – Lonesome Loser

Oh My…!

Soft Rock Beef Alert: Little River Band Vs. Jimmy Fallon

Generally speaking, soft-rock is one of the less controversial genres of music from the past few decades. And few soft-rock groups rocked more softly than Australia’s Little River Band.

So Jimmy Fallon may have been surprised to hear from LRB’s founder, singer/songwriter Glenn Shorrock. According to The Sydney Morning Herald, Sharrock said “If you do decide to put [the band] on the show just pass on my message to go f— yourselves.”

Strong words, but what is Mr. Shorrock so angry about?

Like many other legacy acts, his former group has had a lot of turnover in the ranks over the decades. In fact, the current version of the Little River Band features no original members, and that’s been the case for 18 years, when the original drummer Derek Pellicci left the band.

Shorrock, a founding member of the Little River Band, is outraged by the current band “grinding our good name into dust,” according to the Herald.

While he says that the current version of the band are within their legal rights to tour and perform under the name Little River Band, he’s asked his publishing company to deny NBC clearance to air any performances of his songs.

“The wheels are in motion and publishing have raised their objection to it and if they [the Little River Band] do the songs they want to do, which I understand are ‘Reminiscing’ and ‘Lady,’ two of our biggest hits over there [in America], then they [the publishing company] will say no to it being performed.” he says.

At press time, if you Google “Little River Band” and “Tonight Show” you get a link to the upcoming guests page on the show’s official site; when you click through, you get a “404 not found” message.

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