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The Weekend Roundup for January 10-11th, 2015

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Good day folks!

International Politics


At least three million marched, including world leaders, in Paris to express solidarity with those killed on Jan. 7

– French Prime Minister Manuel Valls: We are at war with radical Islam who are against our values; Even Attorney General Eric Holder says the same

– A suspect involved with the Charlie Hebdo killings is still on the run and French authorities believe she may have gone to Syria

– Juan Cole joins The Real News for two segments about the factors not related to Islam that led to the gunmen doing such heinous acts; He does talk about Libya, but glosses over the failure of imperialism to make it stable.

– In general, the monsters often demonized in the Western media are made by the Western nations themselves

– Ray McGovern: “Rebuilding the Obama-Putin Trust

Middle East

– In Lebanon, a suicide bomber attacked a coffee shop and killed at least seven people. Nusra Front, linked to al-Qaeda, claimed responsibility.

– U.S. General Martin Dempsey said the presence of Iran in Iraq can be considered “positive

– Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised France for its stance the “new antisemitism and terrorism

– Ali Abunimah: “Israel moves quickly to exploit Paris attacks

– Despite the Islamic State holding onto Mosul in Iraq, the group is considering new strategies to keep its hold

– Meanwhile, ISIS launched a surprise attack against Kurdish forces in Iraq and killed at least 24

Asia and Oceania

– With a new government elected in Sri Lanka, officials there pledged to stop repression


– Certainly all eyes are on Greece at the moment with SYRIZA at the helm for the elections. In simple terms, the establishment will ensure it will keep exploiting whether through fascists or non-fascists; The left should not play sectarian for the sake of being a left-wing communist. Although, judging by some uninformed “socialists” in the U.S., they’re gone off the cliff already.

– One of the gunmen involved with the Charlie Hebdo shootings said he was in allegiance with ISIS in a video shot before his death

Glad to hear the left is making a come back in Ireland considering the damage of austerity economics there

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– Meanwhile, the same cannot be said for the left in Brazil, which is allowing the right to gain vital ground.

Surveillance Planet

– Trevor Timm: “The Charlie Hebdo attack was a strike against free speech. So why is the response more surveillance?

Financial Matters

– The failure of single-payer health care is partially due to the passage of the Affordable Care Act; I say partially because there are corporate forces at work. Still, the ACA is by corporations so it does not truly represent a step in the right direction.

– When the Human Rights Campaign parades corporations as being good for the LGBTQ community, they really are putting on a charade.

– As the fracking bubble pops, so does all the aspirations some prosperous counties in North Dakota

– Secretary of State John Kerry said there should be a strengthening of U.S.-Indian ties in terms of trade

– Pope Francis I: My critiques of consumerism do not come from communism, but from faith

Labor’s a-Brewing

Positive developments in the labor struggle occurring the U.S. as folks are connecting issues like police brutality

Politics US

Washington USA

– Jason Leopold: “How Guantanamo Became America’s Interrogation ‘Battle Lab’

– General Martin Dempsey also made comments on how Guantanamo Bay is a “scar” on U.S. values

– Attorney General Eric Holder said bringing up charges against David Petraeus will be decided at the “highest level

– Thomas Frank: “It’s not just Fox News: How liberal apologists torpedoed change, helped make the Democrats safe for Wall Street

Anytown USA

– Brian Sonenstein, one of the own here at FDL, wrote a worthy post on reforms for the prison on Rikers Island. Specifically, he analyzes the recently announced reforms by the de Blasio administration and provides insight into what is good and bad.

– Meanwhile, restrictive housing and changes to solitary confinement may be heading to Rikers Island should it be approved by the Board of Corrections Tuesday; Spoilers: It will.

– The Real News covers an anti-protest brutality protest happening on Jan. 15 on the first day of the Baltimore legislative session

– Even if a police officer says there is something wrong with police brutality, there will be someone claiming to be pro-cop that will object.

– The district attorney in Staten Island involved with the Eric Garner case does not want people to bring up the case as he is running to replace departing Rep. Michael Grimm (R-NY)

We Don’t Need No Education

– Is it not strange to see a nations where getting a Master’s degree and being a college professor still does not mean one escapes from poverty?

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– In the U.S., the state with the most pot smokers is Rhode Island; Quite a surprise

The Second Sex

– Rania Khalek: “How Alan Dershowitz bullied rape victims to protect a serial child molester“; Dershowitz is such a horrific individual. Heck, the entire folks mentioned in this article are just despicable.

A new survey found one in three college men would commit rape if no one would find out about it

Planet Earth

– Trapped methane at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean floor is now being released thanks to global warming

– Is family planning really something environmentalists should focus on? Not necessarily.

Part six of nine with Robert Pollin about changing the economy into one focusing on alternative energy rather than aiming for no GDP growth

– Without proper investments in water, the U.S. is facing a tremendous risk in water consumption and usage

Mixed Bag

A new study found white males are usually chosen when taking first-time director spots

– Roqayah Chamseddine: “On Muslim Humanity

– Louis Proyect provides another viewpoint on the real origins of non-state terrorism, which is the imperialist wars committed by Western nations. Journalist Tariq Ali provides his own analysis here.

Break Time

Ride The Fence [The Coup]

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