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Video: Obama the More Effective Evil

With the election of Barrack Obama- the opposition to wars, corporate welfare,  prosecution of wall street, opposition to the drug war, prosecuting torture,opposition to the bail-out, attacking whistle blowers and journalists(really the same thing) ect ect died with the Democrat party. Glenn Ford nails it with his correct analysis that since it was a democrat doing right-wing stuff a usually vocal democrat opposition was now very supportive allowing Obama to move the agenda to the right and forward a right-wing agenda. Glenn specifically points to the almost reverent support of the most “progressive” wing of the party, the Black Community worthy of special note.

Glenn Ford destroys Sam-the-fact-free-Tool apologist who is forwarding the concept the Obama is the lesser of two evils. Obama has accomplished what Bush had only dreamed of and it is credited as a democrat accomplishment. uhhg!

if you have not seen these videos watch the Democracy Now  debate it is what is being discussed in the first video. Gleen Ford, Superhero shows us the definition of handing someone their ass and Sam had the advantage of seeing what happened Obama apologist I am part of the problem not the solution Dyson.

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