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Replica Sunglasses GAMES for WEEK 4

NFL BIG Replica Sunglasses GAMES for WEEK 4

This week, the big games feature Division rivalries where teams off to a surprising good start must prove their mettle against Cheap Sunglasses the expected favorites

The first game on our list is Wholesale Cheap Sunglasses the Ravens Steelers. The 2 0 Ravens are playing in Pittsburgh against the 2 1 Steelers. The Steelers are hurting since losing their top Running Back Cheap Replica SunglassesWillie Parker to an injury. Also hurting but expected to play is Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger who took a beating from the Philadelphia Eagles last week. The Ravens have become a surprise around the NFL as well. They were expected to continue their horrible 2007 season this year, but Baltimore looks more like the 2006 strong Defensive team that kept opposing Offenses frustrated. The Ravens are a 7 point underdog, so it appears they do not have believers quite yet. A win this week would inspire fans and football pundits to give these Birds the respect they desire and deserve.

Most prognosticators have picked the Redskins to finish fourth in this Division. However, a win this week would throw many of these projections up in the air. Like the Ravens, Cheap Wholesale Sunglassesthe Redskins are a big underdog an 11.5 point underdog to Wholesale Fake Sunglasses be exact. The Ravens are currently ranked 9th while the Steelers are ranked 15th. The Cowboys hold the 8th spot while the Redskins are ranked 20th.

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