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Late Night FDL: Goodbye Girl

Toto – Goodbye Girl

Toto is back…

Toto, the California band best known for rock epic “Africa” and the preceding “Hold the Line,” is making their return this March with a new studio album, self-referentially titled TOTO XIV.

It will be somewhat of a reunited affair. Since their last album, 2006’s Falling In Between, the band has reunited with vocalist Joseph Williams and founding member Steve Pocaro, and they’ll be joined by original bassist David Hungate—who hasn’t been with them for 30 years—when they tour behind their new album this year.

“This is opposite of going through the motions,” Porcaro said in a video announcement of the album. “We are treating this like it is Toto V, our follow-up to Toto IV. We just want to be the best version of ourselves that we can be. Be true to ourselves and make the best music we can. Entertain people which is what we were put on this Earth for.”

While their last album was released to mixed reviews, the band is promising that they’re giving it their all this time around. “I think this is gonna surprise people, because it’s not a bunch of old guys phoning it in,” guitarist Steve Lukather said in an interview with Ultimate Classic Rock last year. “We’re actually really digging deep, and it’s a complete huge, massive production. If you like what we do, you’re gonna love this record. I mean, we’re not going EDM or having rappers come in or doing duets of our old songs. It’s just fresh new music doing what we do. We’re not trying to be anything that we’re not, we’re just trying to be the best version of it and it’s powerful, it’s big. Huge vocals, massive harmonies, s— you just don’t hear anymore. Nobody does five-part harmonies anymore—not in rock ‘n’ roll.”

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