Francois Hollande to drop Russian sanctions. Says Putin “doesn’t want to annex eastern Ukraine.”

When did Hollande wake up and smell the espresso? Putin has been saying that from day one, interview after interview. He said that Ukraine was an economic basket case and Russia had already thrown $30 billion down Ukraine’s black hole over the past 24 months. What had been on the table was Ukraine joining the Russian Customs Union, but as for Ukraine becoming part of Russia, Putin said from the beginning that Russia was not in a position, economically, to absorb Ukraine. That message from Putin never changed. His only suggestion after the coup and ensuing civil unrest was that the largely ethnic Russian East Ukraine should be an autonomous state within a Ukraine republic. Additionally, Putin said that when Ukraine joins the EU, its Russian loans should be paid from Ukraine’s IMF bailout, as per contract. Does that sound like a declaration of war?

Ukraine’s internal civil war came about because the toppled President, Yanukovych, was fully supported by East Ukraine, and not at all by Kiev and the West, as this voting map demonstrates. The civil division was inevitable — and deliberately orchestrated by the US, which had spent $5 billion in the previous three years setting up a color revolution for regime change in Ukraine.

The constant propaganda booming from the Western media, claiming that Russia wanted to annex East Ukraine never came from Putin. It was a fabricated narrative to paint Russia as an “enemy.” In May 2014, a referendum election for self determination was held in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of East Ukraine. The results were overwhelmingly positive and many interviewed at exit polls held a hope that they could become an independent state within Ukraine. [See: Eastern Ukrainians vote for self-rule in referendum opposed by West.]

The Kremlin had advised the separatists to hold off on the vote, but the ethnic-Russians of East Ukraine were determined to give the people of their region a voice. After the vote, the Kremlin advised the separatists to hold meetings with Kiev. But, in a fury of revenge, West Ukraine troops mobilized against the East and slaughtered nearly 4000 of them, mostly ethnic Russians. The East has never attacked West Ukraine.

?Russia’s sole interest was and is Crimea, which has been part of Russia since 1680. Crimea has been Russia’s navy seaport to the warm water oceans, continuously, since 1783. Crimea held a reunification vote to rejoin Russia. The Crimeans have not changed their minds. Few have migrated out of Crimea. They are ethnic Russians, for the most part, and they are being well supported during the transition.

Russia is not going to give up its entire Navy presence in the world by handing their only warm water seaport over to NATO. The Russians built Sevastopol centuries before Khrushchev put this former Russian territory under Ukraine management, while Ukraine was still part of of the Soviet Union. This was done because Ukraine had a land bridge to supply Crimea and Russia’s bridge had been destroyed in World War II.

Russia, for the record, has not invaded Ukraine. You will find no satellite pictures of a Russian invasion because it never happened. The coup government in Kiev was never attacked by Russia. Currently, the US is sending heavy weapons to West Ukraine. But the only people in Ukraine that will be murdered with them are the ethnic Russian Ukrainians who live in the East, who voted for Self Determination, a human right, when their democratically elected President was overthrown.

France not the only nation pulling out of the US proxy war in Ukraine:

Czech President Says ‘Only Poorly Informed People’ Don’t Know About Ukraine Coup

U.S. War Against Russia Is Now Against Hungary Too

It’s time to back away from the Russian wolf  – Telegraph

The sanctions against Russia have been absurd and have harmed all of Europe — who have been behaving like US vassal states. Europe has certainly not been acting in its own best interest and in the interest of the future of Europe, which lies in the rise of Eurasia. The US propaganda and sanction fiasco against Russia has hit France the hardest. They finally said, "Enough."

France, Germany, and Italy all want the sanctions lifted.

These economically impacted EU member states can clearly see that the sanctions harm only them. There is absolutely NO demand that they can make on Russia, since Russia has acted transparently from the very beginning. They have not “annexed” parts of Ukraine.

The sane EU leaders and the majority of the Western European population are quite clear in recognizing the pointless harm that the US is causing them. They want no part of it.

View Video: Russia sanctions 'must be lifted now' – Hollande

Thus, the propaganda smear and sanction attacks on Russia are utterly pointless. Using the weasel words of diplomacy, Hollande makes it clear in this in-depth report and interview that the Neocon-inspired sanctions against Russia must be lifted. They serve no purpose and are rapidly sending the EU back into a recession.

In the end, the self determination of the people to govern is a human right. Everything else is a dictatorship over them, against their will. Human rights must be recognized. Perhaps not by the US, where people have no human rights — but recognized by all nations of the world who ratified The Universal Declaration of Human Rights at the US General Assembly in Paris, in 1948.*
* Since then, the US has vetoed a number of common human rights, most recently the human right to food and shelter.

It is quite clear that Russia has refused to get involved militarily with Ukraine. Putin has repeatedly advised both sides to call a truce, hold talks, and develop a peace process. He has withheld official recognition of the two nascent republics taking form and has refused to consider the breaking up of Ukraine. Says Putin: “Ukraine must be maintained as a contiguous political space.”

And, what has this brought to Russia?

According to Dmitry Orlav, the Anglo-imperialist attempt to provoke a war between Ukraine and Russia has failed miserably and turned all of their pre-packaged anti-Russian propaganda into the most shameful and obvious lies in modern geopolitics.

You might also notice that the Anglo-imperialists have been getting very, very angry. They have been doing everything they can to vilify Russia, comparing Putin to Hitler and so on.

This is because for them it’s all about the money, and they didn’t get what they paid for. What the Anglo-imperialists were paying for in corrupting Ukraine’s politics was a ring-side seat at a fight between Ukraine and Russia.

And what they got instead is a two-legged stool at a bar-room brawl between Eastern and Western Ukraine.

Eastern Ukraine accounts for a quarter of the Ukrainian economy, produces most of the coal that had formerly kept the lights on in the rest of the country, and contains most of the industry that had made Ukraine an industrialized nation. Western Ukraine is centered on the unhappy little rump of Galicia, where the political soil is so fertile for growing neo-Nazis.

So, paying billions to watch a bunch of Ukrainians fight each other inconclusively while Russia gets to play peacemaker is not what the Anglo-imperialists wanted, and they are absolutely livid about it.

If they don’t get the war they paid for PDQ, they will simply cut their losses, pack up and leave, and then do what they always do, which is pretend that the country in question doesn’t exist, which, the way things are going in the Ukraine, it barely will.

The endgame to what Orlav calls “The Imperial Collapse Playbook” will be played out in the US, as it implodes into its own ugly civil war. Americans have been so easily poisoned with polarizing hatred and imaginary enemies, that they are primed to tear apart the enemy within. When the global Dollars start to come home to repatriate, and flood the US money supply, there will be bad times, indeed. Across the arc of geopolitical history, there is but one consistency: What comes around, goes around. And that’s where empire ends.

The propaganda war of the frightened and floundering US empire — in its attempt to marginalize Russia and stop the rise of Eurasia — has failed. The China-Russia-Europe economic union is coming into existence. What is changing, for Hollande and Euroland, is that they can see that their economic future will fully manifest in an Eastern Hemisphere alliance. Russia is actively inviting Europe to step into that future; to join the well-funded Eurasian economic union and leave the chaotic imperial aspirations of the US behind:

Move against the United States: Russia advises EU to phase out the TTIP

German Economic News   |   Published: 03/01/15

Russia has presented a startling proposal to overcome the tensions with the EU: The EU should renounce the free trade agreement with the United States TTIP and enter into a partnership with the newly established Eurasian Economic Union instead. A free trade zone with the neighbors would make more sense than a deal with the US.

To most knowledgable Europeans, the tone of US propaganda is base and transparent:

The Current Situation in Crimea

The transition, after the Crimean reunification vote, has been difficult. There’s been a change of currency and the legal system is now Russian, which requires a great deal work. To make matters worse, the Ukraine government has seized all the life savings of the Crimeans that were deposited in Ukraine Banks. (The Russian version of the FDIC is working to replace those funds.)

Crimean legal records such as property deeds and birth certificates have also been seized by Ukraine, so Crimeans are tasked with refiling them from memory. Ukraine has cut off all trade and supplies to Crimea, including fresh water, so Russia must deliver what is needed using ferries. It could take several years to complete the bridge to mainland Russia, which is needed since the Ukraine government has blocked the roads normally used, which pass through a corner of Ukraine.

Worst of all, in revenge for the Crimean reunification vote, the US has levied sanctions against the people of Crimea, denying them all trade for food, medicine, and other vital imports.* Since the US "collective punishment" against the people of Crimea just started, we will have wait and see how deeply they suffer for exercising their human right to self determination.

In news media interviews, Crimeans seem unexpectedly optimistic that things will improve and normalize, even amid the difficulties of the transition. While Russian tourism in Crimea doubled in 2014, Ukrainians are blocked by their government from visiting their favorite vacation destination.

* Russia calls new sanctions on Crimea 'collective punishment'

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