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Over Easy: Monday Science

Both male and female. No word yet if the Southern Baptists are going to protest it or not. Photo Credit: Brian D. Peer and Robert W. Motz.


And Happy New Year!

Superconductivity displayed at over 100c. We now have 21 materials that are  superconductive at room temperature or higher.  All the room temp or higher compounds are strongly hydroscopic (meaning they suck up water) and rapidly lose their superconductive properties.  Still, it proves it can be done.

SpaceX is going to try to land a rocket on a floating platform Tuesday. Remember when NASA used to do things like this?

This cardinal doesn’t know if it’s male or female and it’s actually both.  H/T to MsMolly for sending me this link!

We have a Green Comet.

Lawyers with deep voices are less likely to win Supreme Court cases.

Key 3D printing patents are running out this year.naturally, defense applications get the most money. Imagine a plane printing another plane inside itself and then launching it from its undercarriage.

Sorry for the short post today, but I got up too late to add to it. So chatter away, All! Remember, off topic is on topic…and frequently more interesting!

Boxturtle (Funeral yesterday. Supposed to help “recovery” but only made me more depressed)

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