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Alan Dershowitz Denies Claims By Former Underage Prostitute

Alan Dershowitz

As if the story of disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein was not bizarre and disconcerting enough, new allegations have been leveled by one of Epstein’s victims that implicate Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz as having sexually abused a minor who was working as a prostitute for Epstein. The allegations were revealed in a court filing last week and include Epstein, Dershowitz, a member of the British Royal family and others.

Epstein was recently incarcerated after pleading guilty to solicitation of a minor for prostitution and is a registered sex offender. Previous to his legal troubles Epstein was a private money manager and had worked at Bear Stearns. Epstein was also a major financial supporter of scientific research including work done at Harvard University.

The court documents are part of a civil suit against Epstein and were filed by a woman known only as “Jane Doe #3.” The documents specifically name British Prince Andrew and Professor Dershowitz as having had sexual relations with the woman while she was underage and working as a prostitute for Epstein. Both Dershowitz and Prince Andrew have publicly denied the charges.

In an interview with Politico Professor Dershowitz not only says the allegations are “totally, unequivocally and completely false,” but that he is planning to file disbarment charges against the woman’s lawyers for not sufficiently investigating the charges before filing. Though Dershowitz denies the claims in the court documents he does admit that he did visit Epstein’s private island in the Caribbean but says he was accompanied by his family and at no time had sex with an underage prostitute.

Whether or not others engaged in prostitution with underage women remains unknown, what it is known is that Epstein certainly did on at least one occasion. If Jane Doe #3 is successful in her civil suit she may get a portion of Epstein’s sizable fortune that remains mostly intact despite his legal problems.

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Dan Wright

Dan Wright

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