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Vote Clinton/Bush 2016 “Four More Wars, Four More Wars!”

When I look to differences between the Hillary and Jeb on war-making  I find complete harmony. The former Board Member of Walmart, Hillary Clinton, may be a bigger neocon. If you thought the Obama/Romney foreign policy debate……. excuse me, love-fest Kabuki was something -Jeb and Hillary will be an orgy of like-minded warmongering. The Clintons and Bushes at every opportunity express their deep love and caring for the other. Bill Clinton calls George Bush Senior Dad. He called George Bush Jr. almost everyday of his Presidency. They Clintons and Bushes vacation together several times a year. Yes my friends, Jeb and Hillary will subject us to some intellectually dishonest, fact free advocacy for more  war, aggression, fear intended not as debate but to define for the American People how unified the Party is and how righteous, necessary never-ending war is.

In a Clinton/Bush, Bush/Clinton Cabinet you would have Lindsay Graham or Joe Liberman as Secretary of  Defense depending on how they wanted to sell the bi-partisanship. The revolving door to wall street could not be more wide open, with Hillary spending most of her time raking in big bucks on wall street that door is going to have to be expanded. Hillary has a track record that defines, clearly, what she will do as President. It’s not a pretty picture.

Jon Stewart’s finest hour, an incredible funny skit/parody on Glenn Beck was sending it to the archives thought someone might enjoy it before I do.

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