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The Weekend Roundup for January 3-4th, 2015

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Now there’s something—Japanese Hip-Hop.

May Stuart Scott rest in peace.

International Politics


– The Arab League will meet at the request of the recognized government in Libya to discuss problems in the country

– Iraq asked Australia to increase military aid because of the challenge of fighting the Islamic State

– Intelligence officials in Australia still say ISIS is “resilient” despite Western-led efforts against the group

– The Palestinian Authority will try to achieve recognition of statehood in the U.N. again

Middle East

– After the Palestinian Authority decided to join the International Criminal Court, Israel withheld all tax revenues to PA; Hilarious how the writer starts off with “but Palestinian leaders can be held accountable too for their crimes” instead of Israeli war crimes.

– It should be noted Israel is planning more ways to respond to PA’s decision to join the ICC

– Meanwhile, the first case to be presented to the ICC will be about the crimes which occurred over the summer of 2014.

– In a city in Yemen, four people were killed and 25 were wounded as a result of a bomb

Asia and Oceania

– As a result of joint U.S.-Pakistani attacks, 38 people, assumed to be militants, were killed in Pakistan

Nine police officers were killed in Afghanistan due to insurgents who targeted them


At least four people were killed as a result of a suicide bomber targeting an American convoy in Somalia


– The state of the media, and of society, in France is declining, yet journalist Tariq Ali covers a media outlet providing hope for the profession.

– Louis Proyect: “Yanukovych’s ouster: the myth and the reality

– With elections in Greece soon coming close, SYRIZA will need to be careful of the hostile European elites who prefer the party to lose

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– Officials in El Salvador say homicides rose by 57 percent last year as a result of gangs

Surveillance Planet

– Eugene Morozov: “Who’s the true enemy of internet freedom – China, Russia, or the US?

Financial Matters

– Dr. Margaret Flowers joins The Real News to discuss the role big business had in preventing single-payer health care in Vermont

– Thomas Frank: “Chain restaurants are killing us: Billionaire bankers, minimum-wage toilers and the nasty truth about fast-food nation

– Germany believes, should Greece leave the European Union, things would be fine in the EU. However, one German official said the country would prefer keeping Greece in the EU.

– The Department of Commerce now allows for oil to be exported, which makes the oil companies so happy

– Iranian President Hassan Rouhani: Investors overseas are not a problem, but a solution to our problems

Labor’s a-Brewing

– Last year, the Fight for 15 movement made successes, but now the movement needs to think where to go next with more battles to go.

– Port truck drivers in November last year were demonstrating for better working conditions, something fought by another form of laborers centuries ago; It’s like the old adage says: history does not repeat, but it does rhyme.

– “Labor pimps” is what stage hands call companies who hire them for very little pay

Politics US

– A long series where lawyers are exposed as individuals wanting to bring cases to the Supreme Court for money; Now all three branches have that problem, although it’s been known for quite a long time. Look at Citizens United for instance.

– The role of officers underneath the state is to work as  force for some sort of class not for the public. Indeed, if the police really served the community, then these incidents of police aggression would not be so frequent.

– A journalist provides his take of events which transpired in Oakland, Calif., on Dec. 13 for the march against police brutality.

– While riots may be considered dangerous and irrational by reactionaries, they are the effect of a failing system.

Part four of five with Norman Finkelstein on how he first found the issue of Israel-Palestine relations and how his views developed over time

– It happened again: At a funeral for the other cop killed last month, NYPD officers turned their backs to Mayor Bill de Blasio’s speech despite calls not to do so even from the wife of the slain officer

– Meanwhile, a report found the deaths of officers rose last year with most due to guns

We Don’t Need No Education

– Sarah Jaffe: “When Students Go On Strike For Their Schools

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– The Netherlands banned the use of Roundup in the country, which will be enforced at the end of this year

– Interestingly, seizure of meth at the U.S.-Mexico border soared last year, according to authorities in San Diego.

The Second Sex

– Despite instances where rape or sexual assault against female passengers occurs in spite of background checks or not, Uber gave very weak warnings to passengers

– A misconception, even among liberal imperialists, is the idea of Islam being anti-woman so imperialism is worthy. However, it is a myth considering texts within the Quran.

Planet Earth

– As climate change continues to worsen, countries most at-risk due to global warming will face major instability

– Peru may not experience the worst of climate change, but it will certainly face problems as a result of it with food security

– U.S. scientists found tropical forests absorb more carbon dioxide than previously believed, which is good news

– “Clean coal” is a contradiction, which many journalists are unaware of considering they write about it as if it exists.

– In the summer of 2013, a town in Quebec suffered from an explosion due to a crude oil-by-train that led to the deaths of 47 people. The trains will come back next year.

Mixed Bag

Research uncovered music may influence the tastes of people when they eat; Incredible

– An insightful post about the values of hemp in creating products we never even thought of like milk

Break Time

1,000,000 Monsters Attack [SOUL’d OUT]

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