One nice thing about choosing an online poker room is that you have endless resources to pick from. That’s because many poker affiliate sites offer reviews to help players figure out what room best suits them individually. Of course, any time there’s an affiliate involved, we have to question the motive behind the review. But in this case, there are several reasons why poker affiliates such as pokerstop.comor are much better off being impartial with their opinion. So let’s discuss these reasons and why you can have some faith in poker reviews.

1. Inspiring Trust in the Site

There are plenty of snake-oil salesmen across the internet, hawking cheap products and terrible advice to their unfortunate visitors. However, we can all agree that these sites aren’t expecting much repeat business or traffic. The majority of poker affiliates, though, are in this business for the long haul. So it doesn’t do them much good to pimp a scandalous online poker site (there have been a few) to their readers. If they get burned by an internet poker room that the affiliate sent them to, you can bet that they won’t be back.

2. Many Players sign up at Multiple Sites

Continuing on our last point, many poker players like to sign up at multiple sites over time. So it’s in an affiliate’s best interest if these players continue visiting them to sign up at more than one site. But this isn’t going to happen if the affiliate offers bad advice on the first poker room that a person joins. So each review needs to deliver quality information in order to keep visitors’ faith.

3. Affiliates make Money Based on how Much Players play

If ever there were a reason for a poker affiliate to be honest, it’s that their earnings depend upon it. With the exception of a few odd deals, these sites make their money based on how much the people they send play online poker. So if they deliver somebody to a crappy poker room that’s slow to process withdrawals, the person may only play a few hours, then move on to a different room. And you can bet that when looking for a new site, they won’t be returning to the same affiliate that sent them in the first place. So as you can see, the three factors that we’ve discussed work in a synergy to help the affiliate make profits.