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Obama-care Falsely Forwarded as Progressive, It Must Die

Much as the Democrat Party is a placeholder to preclude something good Obamacare is the placeholder for universal healthcare. In other words it was designed to stop progress towards single-payer. A product of the Heritage Foundation it was originally forwarded/failed as legislation  by the Republicans in the early 1990’s, Bob Dole then ran on Obamacare in the Mid 90’s, it was then implemented in as Romenycare in the early 2000’s and finally the Democrats, in a herculean 2 year effort, passed one of the Heritage Foundations most coveted pieces of legislation it had tried to pass for the last thirty years. When you look at all the right-wing giveaways that were required to secure this “progressive” gem,sold as the reward for getting Obama elected, it is profoundly depressing.

Here’s what the heritage foundation wanted and received  1)That Obamacare puts/solidifies the Medical Insures in the driver’s seat -they are the bad actors here and cost will never go down because their profits would be affected 2) The stage has been set to make your insure not your government responsible for not giving you certain treatments- displacing the governments responsibility for a private entity motivated by profit only, not good 3) you set up a multi-tier system of healthcare that allows for different levels of quality of care, you are saying it is ok for the well-to-do to receive better care, you are saying that you need to guess what illnesses/injuries you would want to cover, you are saying if you get a provider out of your network- you may go bankrupt 4) because of 1,2and 3 you will never have single-payer.

This could not be more important.   If we spent the same GDP as Canada on our healthcare our budget deficits would get close to balancing, that is how big healthcare is as a % of the economy.  But then we would not have those 700,000 medically related bankruptcies a year. In any other developed it would be a scandal if a person went bankrupt from illness. We force parents of terminally sick children to hold car washes to try to pay for care of their terminally ill child. Absorb that for a second. We allow that, condone it by our inaction. Almost reflexively I mutter “you sick fucks”.

I would not vote for anyone that would not address that family and the car wash tradition. That excludes all corrently elected Dems/Repubs.

In video #1 Anthony Weiner asks the right question how do health insurers make healthcare better for their 30% cut they take off the top. Joe Scarborough unfamiliar with a guest forwarding some hard facts is speechless-his Gov Perry moment-

Health insures make healthcare more expensive in so many ways. Doctors hire extra personnel to deal with billing, different insures specific requiremnets. This also slows care while insurer approval is sought. Medicaid/care has a 2 to 3% overhead cost of administration, they also have an incentive to control/lower costs where private health insurers just take a cut off the top, they are incentivised  to keep costs high. In today’s perverse system of healthcare a US Doctor  gets paid for tests and prescriptions ect not for making you healthy- the sicker, the longer the more profitable you are. The incentive should be to keep you healthy.

But you are dealing with politicians who in Bipartisan fashion made the import of prescription drugs illegal as individuals and States had started to save substantial from the re-import of the drugs produced by Multi-nationals in the US who are funded with tax breaks, Billions in grants, free university and military research nad then sell those drugs to the world at a third of the costs to US purchasers- a reward for the tax breaks, billions in incentives.

The worst most expensive healthcare in the world. We die 7 years earlier than Canadians.

We have made our bed now we can….. seems appropriate.

The great equalizer, poor and rich, is universal healthcare. If the rich might have to send their child, grandchild to the same hospital and receive the same treatment as you your hospital will be a lot better.

As Americans we will let people die, force parents of the terminally ill to beggar in the streets, allow over a half million devastated lives because someone got ill, and pile-up huge debt rather than demand our politicians act on our behalf on this life and death issue- it makes us uniquely American.

Progressives should be the biggest advocates for the demise of the Heritage Foundations dream legislation. 44% of the country is on single-payer medicare-caid, Tri-Care(active military), VA and certain Federal Employees– add state employees your over 50%

these people have an overwhelmingly positive single-payer experiences -that’s a problem for them, it should be a big problem


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