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Boston Bombing News: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Why Do We Care?

As the start of the trial is imminent, I would like to reflect, remind and reassure.

I’ve posted and commented on many FDL threads related to the Boston Marathon Bombings.  However, I actually got a rather late start after happening upon a post by Ed Beall in August of 2013.   I was very much intrigued by the frank discussions about the official narrative and the current media reports as related to the Boston Marathon Bombings.  Ed and his entourage knew what they were talking about and knew there were many things that didn’t add up.  There was also much sincere discussion regarding the treatment of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.  All of this was exactly what I was looking for back then; I was hooked.  I looked at FDL even further and found Ed had first posted about the bombings as early as April 22, 2013.  I wish I had known him from the beginning and I really wish he were here now to finally witness this much awaited trial and everything surrounding it.  How ironic that we are coming up on the one year anniversary of his passing, January 21st.

From the very beginning Beall was not afraid to question the official reports and filings.  And yes, he definitely had his theories on what was really happening.  In his second post regarding the bombings, Beall wrote, Does the government believe that, despite its public posture and the public’s willingness to believe it, it’s case against Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is not ironclad after all, so that it needs to go to all this extra trouble to fill in the holes?  Or is there something wrong with the government’s claim that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has admitted guilt?  These are question many people were asking and are still asking today.  But  was Beall a conspiracy theorist?  He had his theories and he knew there was a conspiracy, but he was no conspiracy theorist, at least not in the sense the media has defined today’s “conspiracy theorist”. He just wanted to expose the injustice and discuss the truths and lies.  And so is the same with most of us.  At the very least, we should finish what Beall started.

Just as Beall is no conspiracy theorist nor lunatic fringe, there are many, many out there that have questions and need to be heard with regards to the Boston Marathon Bombings.   People do care about the injustice they suspect.  People have to talk about it, try to change it. We are not all conspiracy theorists or fan girls.  We are normal people who care about the world around us.  The articles, posts, tweets and comments have actually increased of late as we near the start of the trial and we will probably see an even greater increase in the next few weeks.  This article by Luke O’Neil is one of the best I’ve seen in a long time.  He has a fairly neutral way of reporting.  He is not biased either way, but simply picked the subject of Bombing Skeptics for the basis of his report.

Just a few of quotes that are most memorable to me:

  •  Sealed REPLY TO Sealed RESPONSE to Sealed Motion by Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev re SEALED MOTION, as tweeted by David Frank regarding the latest docket filing at the time, docket entry #526.  Yes, Frank was trying to show a little humor in an otherwise serious matter.  There are actually many such sealed filings, as we all know.  But according to Frank via a WBUR article,  it is not unusual to have most filings under seal in such a case possibly involving national security and intelligence information.  Frank also believes a large number of the sealed filings will be unsealed during trial.
  • There is no evidence of witness intimidation in this case, from Docket Entry #648 by William D. Weinreb for the USA (thank you TBMB).  Nope, no witness intimidation here.  Nope.
  • The right to an impartial jury is nowhere as precious as when a defendant is on trial for his life, from Docket Entry #506 by Judy Clarke, but originally quoted from Sampson v. United States.  How true this one is.  What’s wrong with this country today?  Can we at least give this young man an impartial jury?  O’Toole is confident he will seat an impartial jury, but I’m not so sure.

As a reminder, there are several other cases on hold until the Tsarnaev show is complete or at least under way.  Kadyrbayev, Tazhayakov, Phillipos, Matanov and Silva.  Unfortunately, these young men are waiting.  Waiting to testify, waiting for the Tsarnaev outcome or waiting because their lives can just wait, apparently, until the courts get around to them.  We will continue to follow and discuss their statuses in the months to come.

I realize a lot of people will read this post.  Some will comment and some will not.  Some will scoff and some will be grateful.  I’d like to thank that select few who continually commented and intelligently conversed with me over the months.  We have shared a common desire to support fair treatment of those accused and to expose injustice.  This is not the last Boston Bombing News post, only the last (it appears) before we make the transition from preparing for trial to actually hearing from the defense, the prosecution, witnesses, etc.

So why do we care?  Remember, this could happen to your son.

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