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Challenging the Conventional Wisdom?

Albeit, many of today’s national pundits consider themselves as “espousing” the Conventional Wisdom, yet, none of these white Deviants have come to the rationalization that the “outsiders” are both the creators and crafters of America’s Conventional Wisdom.  To wit and according to the tireless Digby for her rhetorical flourish for the “Villagers,” I find that she speaks to the Touchstone that is the Rhetoric of Propaganda.  Therefore, there is no distinction between YesterYear but there will be an undiminished Tomorrow.

And for Yesterday’s wrong-headed humiliation of America, writ large, George Condon, writing for the National Journal, has this to say:

“In the days when columnists like Walter Lippmann and James Reston reigned, it was clearer who was setting the CW. In a fractured media environment, it is much less clear. Conservative talk-show host Rush Limbaugh contends that David Gergen, who worked for several presidents of both parties, used to set the CW. “Whatever he said, whatever he thought, you could count on that being what everybody else in the power clique thought and believed,” Limbaugh said on his show in October. “He was the arbiter, and may still be for many, of political correctness and conventional wisdom.”

“But Limbaugh suggested “it may be that that torch is being passed.” He nominated Bloomberg columnists and TV hosts John Heilemann and Mark Halperin as the new arbiters. Isaac Chotiner in The New Republic earlier this year referred to “Ron Fournier and his ilk,” suggesting the National Journal writer is helping set the CW. Others have pointed to print journalists, including Politico’s Mike Allen, National Journal’s Ron Brownstein, and The Washington Post’s Dan Balz. With more immediate impact and the larger platform afforded by television, there are Chuck Todd of NBC, Jake Tapper of CNN, and Brett Baier of Fox.”


Further, when I see that Chuck Todd of the Sunday Morning Talking Heads, brings forth a litany of former military figureheads to “explain” how our foreign policy should be conducted  according to the “tip of the spear” not much can be intuited or understood, from our particularized standpoint for Peace. And from this traditionally espoused rhetoric for War, it’s becomes apparent that America is in serious decline for both gravitas and guts relative to our advocacy for Peace.

Today, the challenges facing our seminal institutions that are  “law enforcement,” the “military” and the “small business community” from the standpoint of Respect and to include Peace, will not be avoided  or deferred.   And not lost in all this jibber jabber  for establishing today’s Conventional Wisdom, even President Obama doesn’t “get it” and which brings me to the brown Gatos, and of course, I am speaking to and of the white Progressive for being adamantly included as a brown Gato.  And needless to day but I will, you are indeed viewed and seen, through the prism of our politics–the Native Americans and Chicanos, as a stellar Gato, nonetheless.  And welcome to this pending Progressive Pechanga!

In closing, I see the Firedoglake as being “front and center” and within this wide-ranging Progressive Pachanga!

Happy New Year!


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