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Over Easy: Fukushima Update

Good Morning All!

Sure isn’t very Xmas like here. Low 40’s predicted today and no snow. I can live with the no snow, but it sure seems warmer and dryer than when I was a kid.

The unit #2 concrete work isn’t going as planned. Part of the problem may be that the bottom of the trench was not covered with concrete as specified in the design but rather left as just gravel. Think of the money they saved! TEPCO still claims that the leaks will stop when they finish the work, but it’s odds on that the water is simply going through the gravel and flowing through there.

The damage at #1 is worse than thought. The reactor cover was dislodged, though it is not clear from the photos if the force came from beneath (very bad) or from the side. There are some interesting photos in the linked story. #1 is still way too hot for humans to approach.

Eric Holder may have resigned as our Atty general, but it sure seems like he’s advising Tokyo. No criminal charges for either the mismanagement that led to the accident or for worker deaths on the cleanup.

And TEPCO is asking to end compensation payments. Not all, just some, because…well, the crisis is over? These payments are a real concern for the JG, since TEPCO is effectively bankrupt. They’ve paid out TRILLIONS of yen so far with no end in sight. Would you buy TEPCO stock? Well, why not? They won’t be allowed to fail.

The fools are planning to reprocess the fuel removed from Fuku. They are also doing “corrosion research” and predicting that the effects of the salt water, radiation, and extreme heat may well have resulted in corrosion. And here’s a line “By 2019 they expect to be doing research and implementation of criticality controls on the fuel debris.” We’re going to start LOOKING at possible ways to handle the “fuel debris” (corium) in 2019. The single most dangerous part of the entire accident, and we won’t look at what we could do until 2019.

5.9 Earthquake hits Honshu, Japan’s main island. Some shaking at Fuku, no problems reported. Prediction: An earthquake/tsunami will sweep all the hot water tanks it doesn’t destroy on location out to sea before TEPCO get’s the water dealt with. A cynic might think that’s the plan.

The JG says it’s safe for some people evacuated to go home now. The people disagree.

Canadian scientists are confused as to why there is no detection of Fuku radiation off the BC coast. Where did the plume go?

Some people are less affected by radiation than others. Genetics may be the reason.

Boxturtle (Kittens are now officially cats. No more Kitten Chow!)

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